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Ihh and Runx2/Runx3 signaling interact to coordinate early chondrogenesis: a mouse modelKim, EJ; Cho, SW; Shin, JO; Lee, MJ; Kim, KS; Jung, HS201324
The novel expression of Oct3/4 and Bmi1 in the root development of mouse molarsNakagawa, E; Zhang, L; Shin, JO; Kim, EJ; Cho, SW; Ohshima, H; Chen, Z; Jung, HS201292
MiR-200b regulates cell migration via Zeb family during mouse palate developmentShin, JO; Nakagawa, E; Kim, EJ; Cho, KW; Lee, JM; Cho, SW; Jung, HS201267
MiR-200b is involved in Tgf-β signaling to regulate mammalian palate developmentShin, JO; Lee, JM; Cho, KW; Kwak, S; Kwon, HJ; Lee, MJ; Cho, SW; Kim, KS; Jung, HS201274
The novel function of Oct3/4 in mouse tooth developmentNakagawa, E; Zhang, L; Kim, EJ; Shin, JO; Cho, SW; Ohshima, H; Jung, HS201298
BMP4 signaling mediates Zeb family in developing mouse toothShin, JO; Kim, EJ; Cho, KW; Nakagawa, E; Kwon, HJ; Cho, SW; Jung, HS201271
Retinoic acid signaling and the initiation of mammary gland developmentCho, KW; Kwon, HJ; Shin, JO; Lee, JM; Cho, SW; Tickle, C; Jung, HS201261
Expression patterns of ABCG2, Bmi-1, Oct-3/4, and Yap in the developing mouse incisorLi, L; Kwon, HJ; Harada, H; Ohshima, H; Cho, SW; Jung, HS201167
Wnt5a plays a crucial role in determining tooth size during murine tooth developmentCai, J; Mutoh, N; Shin, JO; TaniIshii, N; Ohshima, H; Cho, SW; Jung, HS201177
Runx3 is a crucial regulator of alveolar differentiation and lung tumorigenesis in miceLee, JM; Shin, JO; Cho, KW; Hosoya, A; Cho, SW; Lee, YS; Ryoo, HM; Bae, SC; Jung, HS201164
Interactions between Shh, Sostdc1 and Wnt signaling and a new feedback loop for spatial patterning of the teethCho, SW; Kwak, S; Woolley, TE; Lee, MJ; Kim, EJ; Baker, RE; Kim, HJ; Shin, JS; Tickle, C; Maini, PK; Jung, HS201170
Retinoic acid modulates chondrogenesis in the developing mouse cranial baseKwon, HJ; Shin, JO; Lee, JM; Cho, KW; Lee, MJ; Cho, SW; Jung, HS201163
Shh signaling is essential for rugae morphogenesis in miceLee, JM; Miyazawa, S; Shin, JO; Kwon, HJ; Kang, DW; Choi, BJ; Lee, JH; Kondo, S; Cho, SW; Jung, HS201177
Function analysis of mesenchymal Bcor in tooth development by using RNA interferenceCai, J; Kwak, S; Lee, JM; Kim, EJ; Lee, MJ; Park, GH; Cho, SW; Jung, HS201072
Immunohistochemical Localization of Cytokeratins in the Junctional Region of Ectoderm and EndodermHosoya, A; Kwak, S; Kim, EJ; Lunny, DP; Birgitte Lane, E; Cho, SW; Jung, HS201071
Periodontal tissue formation by reaggregation system in miceYamamoto, H; Cai, J; Cho, SW; Kim, JY; Jung, HS200958
Shh and ROCK1 modulate the dynamic epithelial morphogenesis in circumvallate papilla developmentKim, JY; Lee, MJ; Cho, KW; Lee, JM; Kim, YJ; Kim, JY; Jung, HI; Cho, JY; Cho, SW; Jung, HS200998
Chick tooth induction revisitedCai, J; Cho, SW; Ishiyama, M; Mikami, M; Hosoya, A; Kozawa, Y; Ohshima, H; Jung, HS200975
MAPK mediates Hsp25 signaling in incisor developmentLee, MJ; Cai, J; Kwak, SW; Cho, SW; Harada, H; Jung, HS200966
Capacity of dental pulp differentiation in mouse molars as demonstrated by allogenic tooth transplantationTakamori, Y; Suzuki, H; NakakuraOhshima, K; Cai, J; Cho, SW; Jung, HS; Ohshima, H200876
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