Step 2: Select Option

  • On this page, the Principal Investigator must choose one of four options, A, B, C, or D. Choosing option D, the Principal Investigator can upload DMP for research project. Upload of the dataset is expected later by end of project.
  • Choosing the other options will mean that neither a DMP nor dataset will be uploaded. The Department Head must approve these choices. If the Department Head rejects the choice, the Principal Investigator must return to this page and choose an option acceptable to the Department Head. These options are,
    • A. data is freely available on the internet or in libraries, or
    • B. license forbids deposit.
    • C. no data was used in the research project for the creation of the thesis
  • Principal Investigator has to provide the URL and citation of the dataset retrieved online if OPTION A was selected.
  • Or has to provide information about the licensor of the dataset if OPTION B was selected.
  • No other information is required if OPTION C was selected.