DMPTool is an online tool developed by the University of California Curation Center . This tool helps you to develop your own data management plan (DMP) with template and guidance. You can save and come back anytime to your plan, and you can export your plan in Microsoft Word format for further editing. Click here to log in to DMPTool@HKUL , a HKU hosted version, using your HKU Portal account.

When you have your DMP document ready, please log in to STAFF LOGIN to submit your DMP to your Department Head.

Step 1: Create a new plan with DMPTool@HKUL

  1. Go to DMPTool@HKUL
  2. Click "Sign In" at the top-right corner and log in with your HKU Portal account.
  3. sign in
  4. Click "Create Plan" button on My Dashboard or top menu.
  5. sign in
  6. Enter your (1) research project title, (2) Check the box "No funder associated with this plan", (3) Click "Create Plan" button to proceed.
  7. sign in