Dataset Submission

What and where to deposit is described here. If the student has been approved for deposit exemption, or no dataset used, as described above, there is nothing further to be done here. If the student indicated in the DMP Entry Page that deposit would be made, then, at the time of submitting a draft thesis for examination (MPH14 & MPH15 in Procedures), the student should submit the Dataset together with the draft thesis.

No matter dataset has to be submitted or not, the student should print out the ‘proof of completion’ at the DMP entry page and submit it to the Faculty Office together with the draft thesis for examination, so that the Faculty knows if dataset submission is required or not, and if required, whether the dataset has been submitted.

  • The student will see his/her supervisor(s) names shown there. If wrong, we ask the student to first ask the department or faculty to fix in the "RP System" hosted by the Graduate School, and then return to this page, which will be repopulated with the corrected names. Other details, such as thesis title may be wrong, but will not need to be fixed here. They can be fixed or changed later in the student's HKU career. If not fixed before, when the final ethesis is received by the Libraries, cataloguers will update these fields with final values. The student need not return to this page to update them.
  • If there is a licensor of the dataset that requires destruction of data, the student can indicate a date, at earliest, one year from deposit, to give supervisors and the Dean time to examine if necessary.
  • The fields for Publication and Grants are optional. The student may check with the supervisor to obtain this information, or, go on without inputting it.
  • The student can choose, without approval, a "CC BY-NC" license to display in open access, or, "Restricted" for the dataset to be accessible only to the student, and the supervisor(s). The examiner(s) of thesis may also request access to the data for the thesis examination process (MPH15 & PHD15 of the Procedures). After student and supervisor(s) leave HKU, the Dean of the faculty will have access.
  • If the student chooses Restricted Access, he/she can further choose,
    • A restriction period of 1 ~ 10 years, or forever.
    • Whether the metadata (item record) of the dataset should be visible or not.

Final e-Thesis Submission (not draft thesis for examination)

Format and submission process is described here. The Proof of Completion page in this procedure will also include the results of the DMP Entry page and Dataset Submission, where applicable.