A DMP is a digital document in which you describe what data you will collect during your research project, how you are going to store and manage the data during the project, and what will happen to the data after the project is finished. The nature of your research project, data to be collected, and the requirements you need to fulfill will determine how you write your DMP.

Points to be covered in a DMP

  • Description of the data to be collected / created in terms of format, file size, and classification (e.g. quantitative, qualitative, or sensitive)
  • Standards / methodologies / metadata for data collection and management
  • Ethics and Intellectual Property concerns or restrictions to protect sensitive information, including study participant confidentiality and intellectual property protection.
  • Plans for data storage and backup.
  • Plans for data sharing, access, and re-use.
  • Strategy for long-term preservation.
  • Roles and responsibilities for activities throughout the data lifecycle.

DMP template

You may make use of the template provided at DMPTool@HKUL to develop your own Data Management Plan. Click here to know more about how to use DMPTool.

For questions about how to use DMPTool or how to submit your DMP, please contact researchdata@hku.hk.

Other DMP Templates

Students may also use other templates as appropriate. Please consult your supervisor on how to complete the DMP, if necessary. Below are some examples of other templates and checklists to produce your DMP.