Beginning with the September 2017 intake, all HKU Research Postgraduate (RPg) students have responsibility for

  1. using a data management plan (DMP), where applicable, to describe the use of data in preparation for, or in the generation of their theses, and
  2. depositing, where applicable, a dataset in the HKU Scholars Hub. "RPg" includes the degrees of MPhil, PhD, and SJD.

The Graduate School Handbook describes these new regulations. Sections XX and XXI of the Handbook give the Procedures for MPhil and PhD, respectively. In these Procedures, the relevant paragraphs for data are,

  • MPH5 & PHD5 Probation and Confirmation of Candidature – for description of a data management plan (DMP)
  • MPH7 & PHD7 Period of Study – for describing when in the period of study, a dataset, where applicable, is to be submitted
  • MPH14 & PHD14 Submission of Thesis for Examination – for description of dataset submission
  • MPH15 & PHD15 Thesis Examination – for consideration of DMP Entry results and dataset if applicable, and if desired by the examiners

The 2015 Policy on Research Data and Records Management asks that all researchers, including RPg students, properly and ethically describe in a Data Management Plan at the beginning of their project, how they will collect, organize, store, and finally deposit a dataset (where applicable) at the end of their project. The HKU Libraries provide Research Data Services to enable this process.

Click here to know more about how to submit your DMP Input form.