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Microbiota in the oral subgingival biofilm is associated with obesity in adolescenceZeigler, CC; Persson, GR; Wondimu, B; Marcus, C; Sobko, T; Modéer, T201214
Supportive periodontal therapy for high- and low-risk patientsCarollo-Bittel, B; Persson, RE; Persson, GR; Lang, NP2011475
A randomized, controlled clinical trial on the clinical, microbiological, and staining effects of a novel 0.05% chlorhexidine/herbal extract and a 0.1% chlorhexidine mouthrinse adjunct to periodontal surgeryDuss, C; Lang, NP; Cosyn, J; Persson, GR201081
Does pregnancy have an impact on the subgingival microbiota?Adriaens, LM; Alessandri, R; Spörri, S; Lang, NP; Persson, GR2009192
One-year bacterial colonization patterns of Staphylococcus aureus and other bacteria at implants and adjacent teethSalvi, GE; Fürst, MM; Lang, NP; Persson, GR2008104
Comparison of the effects of cetylpyridinium chloride with an essential oil mouth rinse on dental plaque and gingivitis - a six-month randomized controlled clinical trialAlbertKiszely, A; Pjetursson, BE; Salvi, GE; Witt, J; Hamilton, A; Persson, GR; Lang, NP200790
Bacterial colonization immediately after installation on oral titanium implantsFürst, MM; Salvi, GE; Lang, NP; Persson, GR2007121
Adjunctive local antibiotic therapy in the treatment of peri-implantitis II: Clinical and radiographic outcomesSalvi, GE; Persson, GR; HeitzMayfield, LJA; Frei, M; Lang, NP2007135
Antimicrobial therapy using a local drug delivery system (Arestin®) in the treatment of peri-implantitis. I: Microbiological outcomesPersson, GR; Salvi, GE; HeitzMayfield, LJA; Lang, NP200686
Microbiological composition associated with interleukin-1 gene polymorphism in subjects undergoingsupportive periodontal therapyAgerbaek, MR; Lang, NP; Persson, GR200650
Comparisons of bacterial patterns present at implant and tooth sites in subjects on supportive periodontal therapy: I. Impact of clinical variables, gender and smokingAgerbaek, MR; Lang, NP; Persson, GR200657
Impact of sample storage on detection of periodontal bacteriaKatsoulis, J; HeitzMayfield, LJR; Weibel, M; Hirschi, R; Lang, NP; Persson, GR200580
Effect of a stannous fluoride dentifrice on the sulcular microbiota: a prospective cohort study in subjects with various levels of periodontal inflammation.Benjasupattananan, S; Lai, CS; Persson, GR; Pjetursson, BE; Lang, NP200595
Experimental gingivitis in type 1 diabetics: A controlled clinical and microbiological studySalvi, GE; Kandylaki, M; Troendle, A; Persson, GR; Lang, NP200582
Proportional distribution of the red complex and its individual pathogens after sample storage using the checkerboard DNA-DNA hybridization techniqueKatsoulis, J; Lang, NP; Persson, GR200569
Comparison between panoramic and intra-oral radiographs for the assessment of alveolar bone levels in a periodontal maintenance populationPersson, RE; Tzannetou, S; Feloutzis, AG; Brägger, U; Persson, GR; Lang, NP200397
Perceived risk of deteriorating periodontal conditionsPersson, GR; Attström, R; Lang, NP; Page, RC200385
Influence of interleukin-1 gene polymorphism on the outcome of supportive periodontal therapy explored by a multi-factorial periodontal risk assessment model (PRA).Persson, GR; Matuliené, G; Ramseier, CA; Persson, RE; Tonetti, MS; Lang, NP2003135
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