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Role of two novel adipokines in the prediction of coronary atherosclerosisOng, LHY; Tso, AWK; Mak, HKF; Xu, A; Fong, CHY; Yeung, DCY; Lam, JKY; Chow, WS; Wat, NMS; Khong, PL; Lam, KSL2009118
Circulating levels of adipocyte and epidermal fatty acid-binding proteins in relation to nephropathy staging and macrovascular complications in type 2 diabetic patientsYeung, DCY; Xu, A; Tso, AWK; Chow, WS; Wat, NMS; Fong, CHY; Tam, S; Sham, PC; Lam, KSL2009205
Serum zinc-α2-glycoprotein correlates with adiposity, triglycerides, and the key components of the metabolic syndrome in Chinese subjectsYeung, DCY; Lam, KSL; Wang, Y; Tso, AWK; Xu, A200982
Serum FGF21 levels are increased in obesity and are independently associated with the metabolic syndrome in humansZhang, X; Yeung, DCY; Karpisek, M; Stejskal, D; Zhou, ZG; Liu, F; Wong, RLC; Chow, WS; Tso, AWK; Lam, KSL; Xu, A2008163
Epidermal fatty-acid-binding protein: A new circulating biomarker associated with cardio-metabolic risk factors and carotid atherosclerosisYeung, DCY; Wang, Y; Xu, A; Cheung, SCW; Wat, NMS; Fong, DYT; Fong, CHY; Chau, MT; Sham, PC; Lam, KSL2008382
Inflammatory biomarkers associated with obesity and insulin resistance: A focus on lipocalin-2 and adipocyte fatty acid-binding proteinHoo, RLC; Yeung, DCY; Lam, KSL; Xu, A2008213
Circulating adipocyte-fatty acid binding protein levels predict the development of the metabolic syndrome: A 5-year prospective studyXu, A; Tso, AWK; Cheung, BMY; Wang, Y; Wat, NMS; Fong, CHY; Yeung, DCY; Janus, ED; Sham, PC; Lam, KSL2007165
Serum adipocyte fatty acid-binding protein levels were independently associated with carotid atherosclerosisYeung, DCY; Xu, A; Cheung, CWS; Wat, NMS; Yau, MH; Fong, CHY; Chau, MT; Lam, KSL2007101
A characterisation of the cellular toxicity induced by manganeseLan, L; Yeung, DCY; Wong, NS199663
Activation of epidermal-growth factor receptor leads to growth inhibition and phosphorylation of the SHC-protein in a human nasopharyngeal cell lineLeung, TWC; Yeung, DCY; Fong, WF; Wong, NS199663
Epidermal-growth factor is not a mitogen for the nasopharyngeal carcinoma-derived cell line, CNE-2Leung, WC; Fong, WF; Yeung, DCY; Wong, NS199589
Regulation of pyruvate kinase in Reuber H35 hepatoma cells by insulin and fructoseWong, SSC; Wu, SWN; Yeung, DCY198887
Studies on the regulation of hepatic pyruvate kinase synthesis in neonatal ratsWu, SWN; Wong, SSC; Yeung, DCY1984170
Sarcoplasmic reticulum-bound pyruvate kinase in rat skeletal musclWu, SWN; Wong, SC; Yeung, DCY198059
Isozymes of rat muscle pyruvate kinaseWu, SWN; Wong, SSC; Yeung, DCY1979231
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