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BMP7 transfection induces in-vitro osteogenic differentiation of dental pulp mesenchymal stem cellsYau, JKP; Zuo, PJ; Rabie, ABM; Wong, RWK201343
Effect of psoralen on bone formationWong, RWK; Rabie, ABM2011200
Comparison of oral impacts experienced by patients treated with labial or customized lingual fixed orthodontic appliancesWu, A; McGrath, C; Wong, RWK; Wiechmann, D; Rabie, ABM2011153
In vivo production of mineralised tissue pieces for clinical use: A qualitative pilot study using human dental pulp cellChan, B; Wong, RWK; Rabie, B2011127
Analysis of genetic polymorphisms in skeletal Class i crowdingTing, TY; Wong, RWK; Rabie, ABM201195
Effects of medicinal herb salvia miltiorrhiza on osteoblastic cells in vitroChin, A; Yang, Y; Chai, L; Wong, RWK; Rabie, ABM2011295
Systemic effect of Fructus Psoraleae extract on bone in miceWong, RWK; Rabie, ABM2010280
Sagittal and vertical occlusal cephalometric analyses of Pancherz: Norms for Chinese childrenWu, JYC; Hägg, U; Pancherz, H; Wong, RWK; McGrath, C2010146
Effect of Bio-Oss ® Collagen and Collagen matrix on bone formationWong, RWK; Rabie, ABM2010146
Effects of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) on MC3T3-E1Tan, YY; Yang, YQ; Chai, L; Wong, RWK; Rabie, ABM2010175
Effect of daidzein on bone formationWong, RWK; Rabie, ABM2009124
Syntheses, photophysics, and fluxional properties of luminescent A-frame diplatinum(II) acetylide complexesYam, VWW; Yeung, PKY; Chan, LP; Kwok, WM; Phillips, DL; Yu, KL; Wong, RWK; Yan, H; Meng, QJ1998223
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