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Distribution of six oncogenic types of human papillomavirus and type 16 integration analysis in Chinese women with cervical precancerous lesions and carcinomasLiu, SS; Tsang, PCK; Chan, KYK; Cheung, ANY; Chan, KKL; Leung, RCY; Ngan, HYS2008117
Methylation profile in benign, borderline and malignant ovarian tumorsTam, KF; Liu, VWS; Liu, SS; Tsang, PCK; Cheung, ANY; Yip, AMW; Ngan, HYS2007101
Genetic polymorphism of p73 is associated with the risk of cervical cancerLiu, S; Chan, YK; Leung, CY; Tsang, PCK; Ngan, HYS2007102
Human papillomavirus genotyping and integration in cervical cancers and precursor lesionsNgan, HYS; Tsang, PCK; Chan, YK; Liu, S; Cheung, ANY; Chan, KKL; Leung, CY200774
Microsatellite instability in mitochondrial genome of common female cancersWang, Y; Liu, VWS; Tsang, PCK; Chiu, PM; Cheung, ANY; Khoo, US; Nagley, P; Ngan, HYS2006133
Potential Use of the Adenosine Triphosphate Cell Viability Assay in Endometrial CancerTam, KF; Ng, TY; Tsang, PCK; Li, CF; Ngan, HYS200676
Differential DNA methylation profiles in gynecological cancers and correlation with clinico-pathological dataYang, HJ; Liu, VWS; Wang, Y; Tsang, PCK; Ngan, HYS2006261
Potential application of the ATP cell viability assay in the measurement of intrinsic radiosensitivity in cervical cancerTam, KF; Ng, TY; Liu, SS; Tsang, PCK; Kwong, PWK; Ngan, HYS200595
The increase of mitochondrial DNA content in endometrial adenocarcinoma cells: A quantitative study using laser-captured microdissected tissuesWang, Y; Liu, VWS; Xue, WC; Tsang, PCK; Cheung, ANY; Ngan, HYS200586
Elevated copy number and extensive microsatellite instability in mitochondrial genome of human endometrial adenocarcinomaWang, Y; Liu, VWS; Tsang, PCK; Xue, WC; Cheung, ANY; Ngan, HYS200559
Quantification of human papillomavirus DNA in the plasma of patients with cervical cancerYang, HJ; Liu, VWS; Tsang, PCK; Yip, AMW; Tam, KF; Wong, LC; Ng, TY; Ngan, HYS200494
Detection of hypermethylated genes in tumor and plasma of cervical cancer patientsYang, HJ; Liu, VWS; Wang, Y; Chan, KYK; Tsang, PCK; Khoo, US; Cheung, ANY; Ngan, HYS2004101
High frequency of mitochondrial genome instability in human endometrial carcinomasLiu, VWS; Yang, HJ; Wang, Y; Tsang, PCK; Cheung, ANY; Chiu, PM; Ng, TY; Wong, LC; Nagley, P; Ngan, HYS200386
Comparison of human papillomavirus DNA levels in gynecological cancers: Implication for cancer developmentYang, HJ; Liu, VWS; Tsang, PCK; Yip, AMW; Ng, TY; Cheung, ANY; Ngan, HYS2003101
Mitochondrial DNA variant 16189T>C is associated with susceptibility to endometrial cancer [1]Liu, VWS; Wang, Y; Yang, HJ; Tsang, PCK; Ng, TY; Wong, LC; Nagley, P; Ngan, HYS200385
Detection of human papillomavirus DNA in malignant lesions from Chinese women with carcinomas of the upper genital tractIp, SM; Wong, LC; Xu, CM; Cheung, ANY; Tsang, PCK; Ngan, HYS2002105
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