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Professor Khoo, Ui Soon 邱瑋璇

Clinical Professor

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Professor Khoo, Ui Soon 邱瑋璇

Clinical Professor

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Also Cited As:
Khoo, Ui-soon
Khoo, US

Professional Qualifications
YearAwarding InstitutionQualification
1984University College GalwayMB.BCh.B.A.O.
1986University College DublinM.Med.Sc.(Path.)
1993Royal College of PathologistsMRC Path.(UK)
1993Hong Kong Academy of MedicineF.H.K.C.Path.
1995Hong Kong Academy of MedicineF.H.K.A.M. (Pathology)
1998International Academy of CytologyMIAC
2001Royal College of PathologistsFRC Path. (UK)
2002The University of Hong KongM.D (higher doctorate by research)

Professor KHOO, Ui-Soon is a Clinical Professor in the Department of Pathology, The University of Hong Kong, Deputy Director of the University Pathology Laboratory (Molecular Pathology) and Honorary Consultant Pathologist at Queen Mary Hospital.

She obtained her medical degree from the University College Galway, Ireland before joining The University of Hong Kong where she did her postgraduate pathology specialist training and her higher doctorate in research. Her research work currently focuses on the molecular genetics of breast cancer. She pioneered the study of breast cancer susceptibility genes, BRCA1 and BRCA2 in Chinese breast and ovarian cancer patients. Her studies include the functional variants of the BRCA and Estrogen Receptor gene, genome-wide association studies for breast cancer in Chinese as part of the Asian Breast Consortium, identification of alternatively spliced variants in Chinese breast cancer, and FOXO transcription factors in hormone refractory breast cancer and has published widely in high impact journals.. Having recently identified a novel splice variant to the nuclear receptor co-repressor 2 (NCOR2) gene associated with tamoxifen resistance, work is on-going funded by an Innovation Technology Fund grant, to raise a monoclonal antibody targeting the epitope unique to this BQ variant, which will be used for functional and in vivo studies to confirm its role in the development of tamoxifen resistance.

She previously researched on host genetic-factors to SARS Co-V infection with publications in Nature Genetics, J. Exp Med, J Infectious Diseases etc, particularly that of  L-SIGN, a SARS-CoV binding receptor and and its tandem repeat polymorphisms and of Myxovirus resistance-A (MxA), an antiviral protein induced by interferon (IFN)-α/β, which can inhibit viral replication.

Honours, Awards & Prizes
AwardeesAward DateHonours / Awards / PrizesCategory
2015-12-01Croucher Senior Medical Research Fellowship: Croucher Foundation
Research Achievement
2007-12-01Facutly Teaching Award: Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, HKU
Teaching Accomplishment
Professional Societies
Term PeriodPositionProfessional Societies
1993-presentMemberRoyal College of Pathologists, UK
2002-presentFellowRoyal College of Pathologists, UK
2004-presentMemberHuman Genome Organization
03/2004-presentCommittee Member, Quality Assurance CommitteeHong Kong College of Pathologists
1993-presentFellowHong Kong College of Pathologists
2012-presentSpeciality Board MemberHong Kong College of Pathologists
2012-presentChief Examiner in Anatomical Pathology ExamHong Kong College of Pathologists
2012-presentTraining and Examinations Committee Council MemberHong Kong College of Pathologists
2008-2012Board of DirectorHong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences Society
2008-2011Honorary TreasurerHong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences Society
2007-2012Council MemberHong Kong Society of Cytology
1995-1997ChairmanHong Kong Pathology Society
1997-1998Council MemberHong Kong Pathology Society
2000-presentMemberAmerican Association of Cancer Research
2008-2010PresidentHong Kong Society of Cytology
1996-2003MemberEuropean Society of Mastology
1998-presentMemberInternational Academy of Cytology
2011-presentEducation and Quality Assurance CommitteeInternational Academy of Cytology
2013-presentCouncil MemberInternational Academy of Cytology
1995-presentFellowHong Kong Academy of Medicine
2015-presentMember of Examination Sub-committeeLicentiate Committee of the Medical Council of Hong Kong
09/2000-09/2001Council MemberInternational Academy of Pathology, Hong Kong Division
2015-presentMember of task force on Training for Genetics and GenomicsHong Kong College of Pathologists
2015-presentScientific memberInstitutional Review Board of the University of Hong Kong/Hospital Authority Hong Kong West Cluster
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