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Somatic mutations of the histone H3K27 demethylase gene UTX in human cancerVan Haaften, G; Dalgliesh, GL; Davies, H; Chen, L; Bignell, G; Greenman, C; Edkins, S; Hardy, C; O'Meara, S; Teague, J; Butler, A; Hinton, J; Latimer, C; Andrews, J; Barthorpe, S; Beare, D; Buck, G; Campbell, PJ; Cole, J; Forbes, S; Jia, M; Jones, D; Kok, CY; Leroy, C; Lin, ML; McBride, DJ; Maddison, M; Maquire, S; McLay, K; Menzies, A; Mironenko, T; Mulderrig, L; Mudie, L; Pleasance, E; Shepherd, R; Smith, R; Stebbings, L; Stephens, P; Tang, G; Tarpey, PS; Turner, R; Turrell, K; Varian, J; West, S; Widaa, S; Wray, P; Collins, VP; Ichimura, K; Law, S; Wong, J; Yuen, ST; Leung, SY; Tonon, G; Depinho, RA; Tai, YT; Anderson, KC; Kahnoski, RJ; Massie, A; Khoo, SK; Teh, BT; Stratton, MR; Futreal, PA2009723
Establishment of BCWM.1 cell line for Waldenström's macroglobulinemia with productive in vivo engraftment in SCID-hu miceDitzel Santos, D; Ho, AW; Tournilhac, O; Hatjiharissi, E; Leleu, X; Xu, L; Tassone, P; Neri, P; Hunter, ZR; Chemaly, MAZ; Branagan, AR; Manning, RJ; Patterson, CJ; Moreau, AS; Ciccarelli, B; Adamia, S; Kriangkum, J; Kutok, JL; Tai, YT; Zhang, J; Pilarski, LM; Anderson, KC; Munshi, N; Treon, SP200777
Determinants of normoglycemia and contribution to cardiovascular risk factors in a Chinese population: The Hong Kong Cardiovascular Risk Factor StudyThomas, GN; McGhee, SM; Schooling, CM; Ho, SY; Lam, KSL; Janus, ED; Lam, TH; Cockram, CS; Fielding, R; Hedley, AJ; Ho, P; Lau, CP; Lo, M; Lo, SL; Ma, PL; Maserei, JRC; Tai, YT; Tomlinson, B; Wong, SP; Woo, JLF2006124
Sotalol-induced torsade de pointes in a CAPD patient - Successful treatment with intermittent peritoneal dialysis [2]Tang, S; Lo, CY; Lo, WK; Tai, YT; Chan, TM199744
Guide to plasma lipids and lipoproteins for Hong Kong doctorsWong, SP; Cockram, CS; Janus, ED; Lee, WTK; Leung, WH; Masarei, JRL; Tai, YT; Tomlinson, B; Cheng, CH; Tse, TF; Kung, AWC; Lam, KSL; Li, CS; Woo, J199789
Lysosomal glycogen storage disease with normal acid maltase: An unusual form of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with rapidly progressive heart failureTse, HF; Shek, TWK; Tai, YT; Lau, YK; Ma, L199664
Hong Kong Cardiovascular Risk Factor Prevalence Study 1995 - 1996Janus, ED; Cockram, CS; Fielding, R; Hedley, AJ; Ho, P; Lam, KSL; Lam, TH; Lau, CP; Lo, M; Lo, SC; Ma, PL; Masarei, JRL; Tai, YT; Tomlinson, B; Wong, SP; Woo, JLF1996486
Quality-of-life in DDDR pacing: Atrioventricular synchrony or rate adaptation?Lau, CP; Tai, YT; Lee, PWH; Cheung, B; Tang, MO; Lam, WK1994121
Serum lipid and apolipoprotein distributions in Hong Kong ChineseFong, PC; Tam, SC; Tai, YT; Lau, CP; Lee, J; Sha, YY1994286
Pulmonary tumor embolization after renal transplantation [9]Chan, TM; Lo, CY; Luk, ISC; Tai, YT; Cheng, IKP199339
Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty in a patient with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuriaFong, PC; Tai, YT; Lau, CP; Li, J; Yap, FHY; Liang, R; Lie, AKW199247
Cardiac tamponade complicating leukaemia: immediate chemotherapy or pericardiocentesis?Leung, WH; Tai, YT; Lau, CP; Wong, CK; Cheng, CH; Chan, TK1989202
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