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Spousal renal donor transplantation in Chinese subjects: A 10 year experience from a single centreTang, S; Lui, SL; Lo, CY; Lo, WK; Cheng, IKP; Lai, KN; Chan, TM200499
Successful treatment of hepatitis C after kidney transplantation with combined interferon alpha-2b and ribavirinTang, S; Cheng, IKP; Leung, VKS; Kuok, UI; Tang, AWC; Ho, YW; Lai, KN; Chan, TM2003119
Effect of Kt/V on survival and clinical outcome in CAPD patients in a randomized prospective studyLo, WK; Ho, YW; Li, CS; Wong, KS; Chan, TM; Yu, AWY; Ng, FSK; Cheng, IKP2003131
Treatment of hepatitis C in kidney transplant recipients with interferon alpha-2b plus ribavirin.Tang, SCW; Ho, YW; Cheng, IKP; Kuok, UI; Leung, VK; Tang, WC; Lai, KN; Chan, DTM200378
Free-hand, ultrasound-guided percutaneous renal biopsy: Experience from a single operatorTang, S; HC Li, J; Lui, SL; Chan, TM; Cheng, IKP; Lai, KN200287
Preemptive lamivudine therapy based on HBV DNA level in HBsAg-positive kidney allograft recipientsChan, TM; Fang, GX; Tang, CSO; Cheng, IKP; Lai, KN; Ho, SKN200272
Relationship between adequacy of dialysis and nutritional status, and their impact on patient survival on CAPD in Hong KongLo, WK; Tong, KL; Li, CS; Chan, TM; Wong, AKM; Ho, YW; Cheung, KO; Kwan, TH; Wong, KS; Ng, FSK; Cheng, IKP200173
Effect of Kt/V on nutritional status and morbidity in CAPD patients - a prospective randomized study. [Abstract presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Nephrology, Oct 10-17, 2001, San Francisco, USA]Lo, WK; Cheng, IKP; Ho, YW; Choi, KS; Chan, DTM; Wong, KS; Yu, AWY200181
Hepatitis C after renal transplantationChan, TM; Lok, ASF; Lai, CL; Cheng, IKP; Lai, KN200074
Long-term study of HBVDNA level and liver disease in renal allograft recipients with hepatitis B virus infection. [Abstract presented at the Joint Meeting of the American Society of Transplantation and the American Society of Transplant Surgeons, May 14Chan, DTM; Ho, SKN; Cheng, IKP; Lai, KN200076
Longitudinal profile of HBV DNA in renal allograft recipientsChan, DTM; Ho, SKN; Fang, GX; Cheng, IKP; Lai, KN200075
Treatment of hepatitis B exacerbation with lamivudine after renal transplantationChan, DTM; Li, FK; Fang, GX; Wu, PC; Lo, CY; Cheng, IKP; Lai, CL; Lai, KN199981
Is target Kt/V and patient survival different between Asian and Western continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) patients?Lo, WK; Cheng, IKP; Lui, SL; Chan, TM; Li, FK; Lai, KN199948
Fungal peritonitis - Current status 1998Lo, WK; Chan, TM; Lui, SL; Li, FK; Cheng, IKP199964
Comparison of the second-generation digene hybrid capture assay with the branched-DNA assay for measurement of hepatitis B virus DNA in serumHo, SKN; Chan, TM; Cheng, IKP; Lai, KN1999292
Clinical and pathological characteristics of patients with glomerular diseases at a university teaching hospital: 5-year prospective reviewChan, KW; Chan, DTM; Cheng, IKP1999211
Is target Kt/V and patient survival different between Asian and Western CAPD patients?Lo, WK; Cheng, IKP; Lui, SL; Chan, DTM; Li, FK; Lai, KN199964
Clinical features and treatment outcome of idiopathic membranous nephropathy in Chinese patientsTang, S; Chan, TM; Cheng, IKP; Lai, KN199997
Lymphocyte subsets in renal allograft recipients with chronic hepatitis C virus infectionChan, TM; Ho, SKN; Lai, CL; Cheng, IKP; Lai, KN1999195
Genetic linkage study of family members of a patient with adult polycystic kidney diseaseYau, CFF; Choo, CK; Chan, DTM; Cheng, IKP; Chan, KW1999226
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