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Molecular detection of anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing (Anammox) bacteria in high-temperature petroleum reservoirsLi, H; Chen, S; Mu, BZ; Gu, JD2010396
Nitrate-reducing community in production water of three oil reservoirs and their responses to different carbon sources revealed by nitrate-reductase encoding gene (napA)Feng, WW; Liu, JF; Gu, JD; Mu, BZ2011121
Characterization of an alkane-degrading methanogenic enrichment culture from production water of an oil reservoir after 274 days of incubationWang, LY; Gao, CX; Mbadinga, SM; Zhou, L; Liu, JF; Gu, JD; Mu, BZ2011259
Production processes affected prokaryotic amoA gene abundance and distribution in high-temperature petroleum reservoirsLi, H; Mu, BZ; Jiang, Y; Gu, JD201187
Microbial communities involved in anaerobic degradation of alkanesMbadinga, SM; Wang, LY; Zhou, L; Liu, JF; Gu, JD; Mu, BZ2011197
Analyses of n-alkanes degrading community dynamics of a high-temperature methanogenic consortium enriched from production water of a petroleum reservoir by a combination of molecular techniquesZhou, L; Li, KP; Mbadinga, SM; Yang, SZ; Gu, JD; Mu, BZ201273
Microbial community characteristics of petroleum reservoir production water amended with n-alkanes and incubated under nitrate-, sulfate-reducing and methanogenic conditionsLi, W; Wang, LY; Duan, RY; Liu, JF; Gu, JD; Mu, BZ2012109
Analysis of alkane-dependent methanogenic community derived from production water of a high-temperature petroleum reservoirMbadinga, SM; Li, KP; Zhou, L; Wang, LY; Yang, SZ; Liu, JF; Gu, JD; Mu, BZ201299
Methanogenic Microbial Community Composition of Oily Sludge and Its Enrichment Amended with Alkanes Incubated for Over 500 DaysWang, LY; Li, W; Mbadinga, SM; Liu, JF; Gu, JD; Mu, BZ2012110
Molecular detection, quantification and distribution of alkane-degrading bacteria in production water from low temperature oilfieldsLi, H; Wang, XL; Mu, BZ; Gu, JD; Liu, YD; Lin, KF; Lu, SG; Lu, Q; Li, BZ; Li, YY; Du, XM2013135
Diversity and distribution of sulfate-reducing bacteria in four petroleum reservoirs detected by using 16S rRNA and dsrAB genesGuan, J; Xia, LP; Wang, LY; Liu, JF; Gu, JD; Mu, BZ2013173
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