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Night-sky brightness monitoring in Hong Kong A city-wide light pollution assessmentPun, CSJ; So, CW2012356
Photodynamic inactivation of Candida albicans by BAM-SiPc: Original articleSo, CW; Tsang, PWK; Lo, PC; Seneviratne, CJ; Samaranayake, LP; Fong, WP2010264
Identification and characterization of EBP, a novel EEN binding protein that inhibits Ras signaling and is recruited into the nucleus by the MLL-EEN fusion proteinYam, JWP; Jin, DY; So, CW; Chan, LC2004261
Subcellular localization of EEN/endophilin A2, a fusion partner gene in leukaemiaCheung, N; So, CW; Yam, JWP; So, CKC; Poon, RYC; Jin, DY; Chan, LC200490
Human cathepsinG-cre mice for myeloid-specific gene targetingKong, CT; So, CW; Chan, LC; Sham, MH200184
The interaction between EEN and Abi-1, two MLL fusion partners, and synaptojanin and dynamin: Implications for leukaemogenesisSo, CW; So, CKC; Cheung, N; Chew, SL; Sham, MH; Chan, LC200088
The impact of differential binding of wild-type RARA, PML-, PLZF- and NPM-RARA fusion proteins towards transcriptional co-activator, RIP-140, on retinoic acid responses in acute promyelocytic leukemiaSo, CW; Dong, S; So, CKC; Cheng, GX; Huang, QH; Chen, SJ; Chan, LC2000151
Analysis of MLL-derived transcripts in infant acute monocytic leukemia with a complex translocation (1;11;4)(q21;q23;p16)So, CW; Ma, SK; Wan, TSK; Chan, GCF; Ha, SY; Chan, LC200097
Synaptojanin, an inositol phosphatase, is a target for three different MLL fusion partnersSo, CW; So, CKC; Cheung, N; Chew, SL; Sham, MH; Chan, LC200073
Expression and protein-binding studies of the EEN gene family, new interacting partners for dynamin, synaptojanin and huntingtin proteinsSo, CW; Sham, MH; Chew, SL; Cheung, N; So, CKC; Chung, SK; Caldas, C; Wiedemann, LM; Chan, LC2000121
Expression and functional studies of a SH3 domain containing gene family, EEN family, and their implications in leukemogenesisSo, CW; Sham, MH; Wiedemann, LM; Chan, LC199958
Exon scrambling of MLL transcripts occur commonly and mimic partial genomic duplication of the geneCaldas, C; So, CW; Macgregor, A; Ford, AM; Mcdonald, B; Chan, LC; Wiedemann, LM199895
Identification of EEN, a novel gene that fuses to HRX in a t (1 1; 1 9) (q23;p 1 3) in acute leukemiaSo, CW; Caldas, C; Chen, A; Chen, SJ; Huang, QH; Gu, LJ; Sham, MH; Wiedemann, L; Chan, LC199777
MLL self fusion mediated by Alu repeat homologous recombination and prognosis of AML-M4/M5 subtypesSo, CW; Ma, ZG; Price, CM; Dong, S; Chen, SJ; Gu, LJ; So, CKC; Wiedemann, LM; Chan, LC1997224
EEN encodes for a member of a new family of proteins containing an Src homology 3 domain and is the third gene located on chromosome 19p13 that fuses to MLL in human leukemiaSo, CW; Caldas, C; Liu, MM; Chen, SJ; Huang, QH; Gu, LJ; Sham, MH; Wiedemann, LM; Chan, LC1997236
Regulation of the mouse Hoxb-3 gene in the mindbrain (Abstract)Sham, MH; Kwan, CT; Jakt, LM; So, CW; Tsang, SL; Krumlauf, R199558
Regulation of spatially-specific expression of the mouse homeobox gene Hox b-3Kwan, CT; So, CW; Chiu, PM; Krumlanf, R; Sham, MH199459
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