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Brain development in preterm and term neonates assessed by white matter model of diffusion kurtosis imaging with tract-based spatial statistics analysisLi, XJ; Gao, J; Zhang, YM; Luo, X; Han, JH; Niu, G; Wan, MX; Wu, EX; Yang, J201329
White matter variatios associated with severity of punctate white matter lesions: assessment by diffusion tensor imaging based on tract-based spatial statistic (TBSS)Gao, J; Li, XJ; Zhang, YM; Han, JH; Luo, X; Niu, G; Yu, BL; Wu, EX; Yang, J201324
An analytical model for the propagation of social influenceFan, X; Niu, G; Li, VOK201352
Quantitative measurement of deep medullary venous in susceptibility weighted imaging: comparison of hypoxic ischemic and normal neonatesNing, N; Li, XJ; Gao, J; Zhang, YM; Han, JG; Luo, X; Niu, G; Guo, YM; Wu, EX; Yang, J201333
Measurement-driven temporal analysis of information diffusion in online social networksNiu, G; Li, VOK; Long, Y; Xu, K201222
Novel sequence motif regulates pluripotencySong, Y; Bao, S; Niu, G; Zhao, Y; Zhu, H201228
MR imaging assessment of lumbar intervertebral disk degeneration and age-related changes: apparent diffusion coefficient versus T2 quantitationNiu, G; Yang, J; Wang, R; Dang, S; Wu, EX; Guo, Y2011106
Identification of a Smad4/YY1-recognized and BMP2-responsive transcriptional regulatory module in the promoter of mouse GABA transporter subtype I (Gat1) geneYao, M; Niu, G; Sheng, Z; Wang, Z; Fei, J2010129
A free-breathing non-contrast-enhanced pulmonary magnetic resonance angiography at 3 TeslaYang, J; Wang, W; Wang, YR; Niu, G; Jin, CW; Wu, EX200990
In vivo MRI of endogenous stem/progenitor cell migration from subventricular zone in normal and injured developing brainsYang, J; Liu, J; Niu, G; Chan, KC; Wang, R; Liu, Y; Wu, EX2009136
MRI detection of progenitor cell migrations during postnatal rat brain development by in situ MPIO labelingYang, J; Liu, J; Niu, G; Wang, R; Liu, Y; Yu, B; Wu, EX2009437
MRI detection of the migrating neuronal precursors in normal and hypoxic-ischemic neonatal rat brain by in vivo cell label with MPIOYang, J; Liu, JX; Niu, G; Liu, Y; Wu, EX2008100
Yin yang 1 directly regulates the transcription of RE-1 silencing transcription factor. (G, Niu is the corresponding author)Jiang, L; Yao, M; Shi, J; Shen, P; Niu, G; Fei, J2008137
Magnetic resonance imaging of migrating neuronal precursors in normal and hypoxic-ischemic neonatal rat brains by intraventricular MPIO labelingYang, J; Liu, J; Niu, G; Liu, Y; Wu, EX2008279
Evolution of MR DTI changes in neonatal rats after mild hypoxic-ischemic insultYang, J; Jin, CW; Khong, PL; Niu, G; Wu, EX200897
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