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Single domain Bi2Se3 films grown on InP(111)A by molecular-beam epitaxyGuo, X; Xu, Z; Liu, HC; Zhao, B; Dai, XQ; He, HT; Wang, JN; Liu, H; Ho, WK; Xie, MH2013147
First-principle study of magnetism induced by vacancies in grapheneDai, XQ; Zhao, JH; Xie, MH; Tang, YN; Li, YH; Zhao, B2011214
The effect of Cu on O adsorption on a ZnO(0001) surface: A first-principles studyDai, XQ; Yan, HJ; Wang, JL; Liu, YM; Yang, Z; Xie, MH2008139
Structural properties of oxygen on InN(0 0 0 1) surfaceDai, XQ; Wang, JL; Yan, HJ; Wu, XH; Xie, MH200758
In situ revelation of a zinc-blende InN wetting layer during Stranski-Krastanov growth on GaN(0001) by molecular-beam epitaxyCao, YG; Xu, SH; Lü, W; Dai, XQ; Chan, YF; Wang, N; Liu, Y; Wu, HS; Xie, MH; Tong, SY2005602
Current transport property of n-GaN/n-6H-SiC heterojunction: Influence of interface statesHuang, Y; Chen, XD; Fung, S; Beling, CD; Ling, CC; Dai, XQ; Xie, MH2005568
First-principles study of indium on silicon (1 0 0) - The structure, defects and interdiffusionDai, XQ; Ju, WW; Wang, GT; Xie, MH200453
A model for GaN 'ghost' islandsXie, MH; Zheng, LX; Dai, XQ; Wu, HS; Tong, SY2004117
Atomic design of polarity of GaN films grown on SiC(0001)Dai, XQ; Wu, HS; Xu, SH; Xie, MH; Tong, SY2004189
Structural properties of GaN films grown on the 6H-SiC(0001) (√3 × √3)R30° substrateDai, XQ; Wu, HS; Xu, SH; Xie, MH; Tong, SY200463
Nitrogen Adatom Diffusion on a Ga-Rich GaN (0001) SurfaceDai, XQ; Wu, HS; Xie, MH; Xu, SH; Tong, SY2004146
Direct observation of a Ga adlayer on a GaN(0001) surface by LEED Patterson inversionXu, SH; Wu, H; Dai, XQ; Lau, WP; Zheng, LX; Xie, MH; Tong, SY2003403
Shallow optically active structural defect in wurtzite GaN epilayers grown on stepped 4H-SiC substratesXu, SJ; Wang, HJ; Cheung, SH; Li, Q; Dai, XQ; Xie, MH; Tong, SY2003334
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