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Remedial injected harmonic current operation of redundant flux-switching permanent magnet motor drivesZhao, W; Cheng, M; Chau, KT; Cao, R; Ji, J201329
Electronic structure of III-V zinc-blende semiconductors from first principlesWang, Y; Yin, H; Cao, R; Zahid, F; Zhu, Y; Liu, L; Wang, J; Guo, H201337
When MT1-MMP meets ADAMsWong, HLX; Cao, R; Jin, G; Chan, KM; Cao, Y; Zhou, Z2012124
MT1-MMP Inactivates ADAM9 to Regulate FGFR2 Signaling and Calvarial OsteogenesisChan, KM; Wong, HLX; Jin, G; Liu, B; Cao, R; Cao, Y; Lehti, K; Tryggvason, K; Zhou, Z2012145
A new modular flux-switching permanent-magnet machine using fault-tolerant teethZhao, W; Cheng, M; Chau, KT; Ji, J; Hua, W; Cao, R201098
Nestin small interfering RNA (siRNA) reduces cell growth in cultured astrocytoma cellsWei, LC; Shi, M; Cao, R; Chen, LW; Chan, YS2008124
Presence of bone marrow-derived circulating progenitor endothelial cells in the newly formed lymphatic vesselsReliga, P; Cao, R; Bjorndahl, M; Zhou, Z; Zhu, Z; Cao, Y2005110
Insulin-like growth factors 1 and 2 induce lymphangiogenesis in vivoBjörndahl, M; Cao, R; Nissen, LJ; Clasper, S; Johnson, LA; Xue, Y; Zhou, Z; Jackson, D; Hansen, AJ; Cao, Y2005143
Impaired angiogenesis, delayed wound healing and retarded tumor growth in Perlecan heparan sulfate-deficient miceZhou, Z; Wang, J; Cao, R; Morita, H; Soininen, R; Chan, KM; Liu, B; Cao, Y; Tryggvason, K2004109
Deletion of laminin-8 results in increased tumor neovascularization and metastasis in miceZhou, Z; Doi, M; Wang, J; Cao, R; Liu, B; Chan, KM; Kortesmaa, J; Sorokin, L; Cao, Y; Tryggvason, K2004125
The striatal GABA-ergic neurons expressing substance P receptors in the basal ganglia of miceChen, LW; Cao, R; Liu, HL; Ju, G; Chan, YS200351
Nestin-containing cells express glial fibrillary acidic protein in the proliferative regions of central nervous system of postnatal developing and adult miceWei, LC; Shi, M; Chen, LW; Cao, R; Zhang, P; Chan, YS200289
Impaired endochondral ossification and angiogenesis in mice deficient in membrane-type matrix metalloproteinase IZhou, Z; Apte, SS; Soininen, R; Cao, R; Baaklini, GY; Rauser, RW; Wang, J; Cao, Y; Tryggvason, K2000148
A novel polymeric silver(I) complex with a one-dimensional chain structureSu, W; Cao, R; Hong, M; Wong, WT; Lu, J1999194
Synthesis, characterization and application of Ru(BINAP)(Acac)(MNAA)(MeOH), a highly effective catalyst for the asymmetric hydrogenation of 2-(6'-methoxynaphth-2'-yl)acrylic acidChen, CC; Huang, TT; Lin, CW; Cao, R; Chan, ASC; Wong, WT1998460
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