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Mechanism and clinical evidence of lipocalin-2 and adipocyte fatty acid-binding protein linking obesity and atherosclerosisWu, J; Li, H; Zhou, M; Fang, Q; Bao, Y; Xu, A; Jia, W201314
Genome-wide association study in a Chinese population identifies a susceptibility locus for type 2 diabetes at 7q32 near PAX4Ma, RCW; Hu, C; Tam, CH; Zhang, R; Kwan, P; Leung, TF; Thomas, GN; Go, MJ; Hara, K; Sim, X; Ho, JSK; Wang, C; Li, H; Lu, L; Wang, Y; Li, JW; Wang, Y; Lam, VKL; Wang, J; Yu, W; Kim, YJ; Ng, DP; Fujita, J; Panoutsopoulou, K; Day-Williams, AG; Lee, HM; Ng, ACW; Fang, YJ; Kong, APS; Jiang, F; Ma, X; Hou, X; Tang, S; Lu, J; Yamauchi, T; Tsui, SKW; Woo, J; Leung, PC; Zhang, X; Tang, NLS; Sy, HY; Liu, J; Wong, TY; Lee, JY; Maeda, S; Xu, G; Cherny, SS; Chan, TF; Ng, MCY; Xiang, K; Morris, AP; DIAGRAM Consortium,; Keildson, S; The MuTHER Consortium,; Hu, R; Li, J; Lin, X; Cho, YS; Kadowaki, T; Tai, ES; Zeggini, E; McCarthy, MI; Hon, KL; Baum, L; Tomlinson, B; So, WY; Bao, Y; Chan, JCN; Jia, W201389
Cancer incidence and mortality in patients with type 2 diabetes treated with human insulin: a cohort study in ShanghaiGu, Y; Wang, C; Zhang, Y; Hou, X; Mo, Y; Yu, W; Zhang, L; Hu, C; Nan, H; Chen, L; Li, J; Liu, Y; Huang, Z; Han, M; Bao, Y; Zhong, W; Jia, W201351
Identification of MicroRNA-like RNAs in Mycelial and yeast phases of the thermal dimorphic fungus Penicillium marneffeiLau, SKP; Chow, WN; Wong, YP; Yeung, MY; Bao, Y; Zhang, N; Lok, S; Woo, PCY; Yuen, KY201334
Tyrosine kinase Btk is required for NK cell activationBao, Y; Zheng, J; Han, C; Jin, J; Han, H; Liu, Y; Lau, YL; Tu, W; Cao, X2012143
External learning, market dynamics, and radical innovation: Evidence from China's high-tech firmsBao, Y; Chen, X; Zhou, KZ2012169
Rab25 is a tumor suppressor gene with anti-angiogenic and anti-invasive activities in esophageal squamous cell carcinomaTong, M; Chan, KW; Bao, Y; Wong, KY; Chen, J; Kwan, PS; Tang, KH; Fu, L; Qin, YR; Lok, S; Guan, X; Ma, SKY201245
High serum level of fibroblast growth factor 21 is an independent predictor of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: A 3-year prospective study in china.Li, H; Dong, K; Fang, Q; Hou, X; Zhou, M; Bao, Y; Xiang, K; Xu, A; Jia, W201223
Network-based market knowledge and product innovativenessBao, Y; Sheng, S; Zhou, KZ2012114
Regulatory dendritic cells program B cells to differentiate into CD19hiFcγIIbhi regulatory B cells through IFN-β and CD40LQian, L; Qian, C; Chen, Y; Bai, Y; Bao, Y; Lu, L; Cao, X2012112
Circadian rhythm of circulating fibroblast growth factor 21 is related to diurnal changes in fatty acids in humansYu, H; Xia, F; Lam, KSL; Wang, Y; Bao, Y; Zhang, J; Gu, Y; Zhou, P; Lu, J; Jia, W; Xu, A2011310
Fibroblast growth factor 21 levels are increased in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease patients and are correlated with hepatic triglycerideLi, H; Fang, Q; Gao, F; Fan, J; Zhou, J; Wang, X; Zhang, H; Pan, X; Bao, Y; Xiang, K; Xu, A; Jia, W201098
A contingency view of external learning and radical innovation in Chinese high-tech industryChen, X; Bao, Y; Zhou, KZ201056
Direct identification and quantification of host and viral microRNAs after influenza infection using the next generation ultra-high throughput DNA sequencer.Lee, MY; Tong, AHY; Zhang, N; Bao, Y; Lok, S201089
Strategic consensus and firm performance: beyond management teamsBao, Y; Fong, E; Zhou, K2009231
Serum fibroblast growth factor 21 is associated with adverse lipid profiles and γ-glutamyltransferase but not insulin sensitivity in Chinese subjectsLi, H; Bao, Y; Xu, A; Pan, X; Lu, J; Wu, H; Lu, H; Xiang, K; Jia, W200976
Social alienation in a transitional economy: Antecedents and impact on attitude toward social reformBao, Y; Zheng Zhou, K; Zhou, N2006254
Face Consciousness and Risk Aversion: Do They Affect Consumer Decision-Making?Bao, Y; Zhou, KZ; Su, C200379
Face Consciousness and Risk Aversion: How Do They Affect Consumer Decision-Making?Bao, Y; Zhou, KZ; Su, C2003129
A paradox of price-quality and market efficiency: A comparative study of the US and China marketsZhou, KZ; Su, C; Bao, Y2002149
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