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Acupuncture for frozen shoulderSun, KO; Chan, KC; Lo, SL; Fong, DYT20011,606
Analysis of 24-hour growth hormone profiles in healthy boys and girls of normal stature: Relation to pubertyAlbertssonWikland, K; Rosberg, S; Karlberg, J; Groth, T1994232
Antibodies to mannose binding lectin in patients with systemic lupus erythematosusMok, MY; Jack, DL; Lau, CS; Fong, DYT; Turner, MW; Isenberg, DA; Lydyard, PM200490
Antiphospholipid antibody profiles and their clinical associations in Chinese patients with systemic lupus erythematosusMo, YM; Chan, EYT; Fong, DYT; Leung, KFS; Woon, SW; Chak, SL2005147
Apgar score and postnatal outcomesChong, DSY; Yip, PSF; Karlberg, J2002231
Asia on trials - how will we know?Karlberg, JPE200291
Asian clinical trial trends by type of sponsor, trial phase, disease area and countryKarlberg, JPE2011668
Asian Randomized Clinical Trials in Medicine 1990-1997Karlberg, JPE; Shah, M; Au, WP; Rashed, SR; Yip, HK; Fong, DYT; Thorburn, J199999
Assessing heterogeneity in meta-analyses of Helicobacter pylori infection-related clinical studies: A critical appraisalHuang, JQ; Zheng, GF; Irvine, EJ; Karlberg, J2004116
Association between psychological symptoms in adults and growth in early life: Longitudinal follow up studyCheung, YB; Khoo, KS; Karlberg, J; Machin, D2002304
The association between seated immobility and local lower-limb venous coagulability in healthy adult volunteers: A simulation of prolonged travel immobilityAnsari, MT; Mahmood, MT; Karlberg, JPE2006123
Association of a genetic variant in the apolipoprotein A5 gene with the metabolic syndrome in ChineseOng, KL; Liang, CQ; Liu, B; Jin, YL; Tso, AWK; Tam, S; Wong, KS; Tomlinson, B; Cheung, BMY; Lin, JM; Yue, XJ; Lam, KSL; Lam, TH; Thomas, GN2010109
Association of inhaled corticosteroids with insulin resistance, adiponectin and high-sensitivity C reactive protein in adults with asthmaWang, J; Ho, J; Yee, W; Mok, T; Chan, J; Yao, T; Tam, S; Cheung, B; Lam, WK; Lam, KSL; Chan-Yeung, M; Ip, MSM; ICSD Study Group2012140
Baseline Effect to Treatment Efficacy: From Ineffective to EffectiveWong, SWS; Fong, DYT; Karlberg, JPE200096
The beneficial effects of Qigong and conventional exercise on blood pressure and anthropometric indices in type 2 Chinese diabetic patientsLee, KK; Leung, E; Fong, D; Wong, S; Tam, SCF; Wong, V; Lam, KSL2003269
Benn index at birth is associated with postnatal linear growthCheung, YB; AlbertssonWikland, K; Luo, ZC; He, Q; Karlberg, J2002119
Bioimpedance: Can its addition to simple clinical criteria enhance the diagnosis of osteoporosis?Ngai, HHY; Cheung, CL; Yao, TJ; Kung, AWC200982
Biomedical Publication Trends by Geographic AreaKarlberg, JPE2010138
Birthweight and psychological distress in adult twins: A longitudinal studyCheung, YB; Ma, S; Machin, D; Karlberg, J2004103
Birthweight distribution in southern Chinese infants with symptomatic congenital heart diseaseJacobs, EGJ; Leung, MP; Karlberg, J2003112
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