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Avian influenza and ban on overnight poultry storage in live poultry markets, Hong KongLeung, YHC; Lau, EHY; Zhang, LJ; Guan, Y; Cowling, BJ; Peiris, JSM2012121
Influenza viruses in wild birds in Hong Kong, 2003-2010Leung, CYH; Cheung, PPH; Zhang, LJ; Wu, YO; Chow, KC; Ho, CK; Chow, CK; Ng, CF; Li, C; Tsang, CL; Dhanasekaran, V; Smith, GJD; Guan, Y; Peiris, JSM2011169
Transmural heterogeneity of left ventricular myocardium remodeling in postinfarct porcine model revealed by MR diffusion tensor imagingWu, Y; Zhang, LJ; Zou, C; Tse, HF; Wu, EX201169
Overexpression of AIB1 negatively affects survival of surgically resected non-small-cell lung cancer patientsHe, LR; Zhao, HY; Li, BK; Zhang, LJ; Liu, MZ; Kung, HF; Guan, XY; Bian, XW; Zeng, YX; Xie, D2010576
Overexpression of clusterin correlates with tumor progression, metastasis in gastric cancer: A study on tissue microarraysBi, J; Guo, AL; Lai, YR; Li, B; Zhong, JM; Wu, HQ; Xie, Z; He, YL; Lv, ZL; Lau, SH; Wang, Q; Huang, XH; Zhang, LJ; Wen, JM; Guan, XY20101,477
High expression of EZH2 is associated with tumor aggressiveness and poor prognosis in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma treated with definitive chemoradiotherapyHe, LR; Liu, MZ; Li, BK; Jia, WH; Zhang, Y; Liao, YJ; Chen, YC; Zhang, LJ; Guan, XY; Zeng, YX; Kung, HF; Xie, D2010486
Characterization of avian influenza viruses A (H5N1) from wild birds, Hong Kong, 2004-2008Smith, GJD; Vijaykrishna, D; Ellis, TM; Dyrting, KC; Leung, YHC; Bahl, J; Wong, CW; Kai, H; Chow, MKW; Duan, L; Chan, ASL; Zhang, LJ; Chen, H; Luk, GSM; Peiris, JSM; Guan, Y2009300
Clusterin as a predictor for chemoradiotherapy sensitivity and patient survival in esophageal squamous cell carcinomaHe, LR; Liu, MZ; Li, BK; Rao, HL; Liao, YJ; Zhang, LJ; Guan, XY; Zeng, YX; Xie, D2009123
The development and genetic diversity of H5N1 influenza virus in China, 1996-2006Duan, L; Bahl, J; Smith, GJD; Wang, J; Vijaykrishna, D; Zhang, LJ; Zhang, JX; Li, KS; Fan, XH; Cheung, CL; Huang, K; Poon, LLM; Shortridge, KF; Webster, RG; Peiris, JSM; Chen, H; Guan, Y2008358
Poultry drinking water used for avian influenza surveillanceLeung, YHC; Zhang, LJ; Chow, CK; Tsang, CL; Ng, CF; Wong, CK; Guan, Y; Peiris, JSM2007109
Invertible RS codes based non-binary type-II hybrid ARQ and its performance analysisZhang, LJ; Cao, ZG; Li, VOK200684
Evolution and adaptation of H5N1 influenza virus in avian and human hosts in Indonesia and VietnamSmith, GJD; Naipospos, TSP; Nguyen, TD; de Jong, MD; Vijaykrishna, D; Usman, TB; Hassan, SS; Nguyen, TV; Dao, TV; Bui, NA; Leung, YHC; Cheung, CL; Rayner, JM; Zhang, JX; Zhang, LJ; Poon, LLM; Li, KS; Nguyen, VC; Hien, TT; Farrar, J; Webster, RG; Chen, H; Peiris, JSM; Guan, Y2006242
Establishment of multiple sublineages of H5N1 influenza virus in Asia: Implications for pandemic controlChen, H; Smith, GJD; Li, KS; Wang, J; Fan, XH; Rayner, JM; Vijaykrishna, D; Zhang, JX; Zhang, LJ; Guo, CT; Cheung, CL; Xu, KM; Duan, L; Huang, K; Qin, K; Leung, YHC; Wu, WL; Lu, HR; Chen, Y; Xia, MS; Naipospos, TSP; Yuen, KY; Hassan, SS; Bahri, S; Nguyen, TD; Webster, RG; Peiris, JSM; Guan, Y2006280
Syndrome-based type-I hybrid ARQ and its performance analysisZhang, LJ; Cao, ZG; Li, VOK200658
Message from the WAGSSDA chairsAbramson, D; Alexandrov, V; Ashworth, M; Buyya, R; Coddington, P; Deelman, E; De Roure, D; Hawick, K; King, CT; Laforenza, D; Lau, FCM; Moore, R; Morrison, J; Ong, H; Paprzycki, M; Parastatidis, S; Petcu, D; Rana, O; Uthayopas, P; Wang, CL; Williams, R; Yang, J; Yunck, T; Zhang, LJ; Katz, DS; Baker, M200569
Human infection with an avian H9N2 influenza A virus in Hong Kong in 2003Butt, KM; Smith, GJD; Chen, H; Zhang, LJ; Leung, YHC; Xu, KM; Lim, W; Webster, RG; Yuen, KY; Peiris, JSM; Guan, Y2005363
Exact calculation of the bit error rate for maximum-distance-separable (MDS) codesZhang, LJ; Cao, ZG; Li, VOK200485
Isolation and characterization of viruses related to the SARS coronavirus from animals in Southern ChinaGuan, Y; Zheng, BJ; He, YQ; Liu, XL; Zhuang, ZX; Cheung, CL; Luo, SW; Li, PH; Zhang, LJ; Guan, YJ; Butt, KM; Wong, KL; Chan, KW; Lim, W; Shortridge, KF; Yuen, KY; Peiris, JSM; Poon, LLM2003166
H5N1 influenza viruses isolated from geese in southeastern China: Evidence for genetic reassortment and interspecies transmission to ducksGuan, Y; Peiris, M; Kong, KF; Dyrting, KC; Ellis, TM; Sit, T; Zhang, LJ; Shortridge, KF2002144
Emergence of multiple genotypes of H5N1 avian influenza viruses in Hong Kong SARGuan, Y; Peiris, JSM; Lipatov, AS; Ellis, TM; Dyrting, KC; Krauss, S; Zhang, LJ; Webster, RG; Shortridge, KF2002240
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