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KetamineLi, Q; Chan, WM; Rudd, JA; Wang, CM; Lam, PYH; Wai, MSM; Wood, DM; Dargan, PI; Yew, DT201342
Mapping the central effects of chronic ketamine administration in an adolescent primate model by functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)Yu, H; Li, Q; Wang, D; Shi, L; Lu, G; Sun, L; Wang, L; Zhu, W; Mak, YT; Wong, N; Wang, Y; Pan, F; Yew, DT2012144
A review of the dopamine system in the animal models of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorderLi, Q; Yew, DT201051
Chronic ketamine abuse causes dysfunctions of different brain areas relevant to neurodevelopmental psychiatric disorders: evidence from fMRI in a primate modelYu, HL; Li, Q; Wong, DF; Shi, L; Mak, YT; Lu, G; Shun, L; Wang, L; Cheng, M; Pan, F; Yew, DT2010139
Proteomic identification of molecular targets of gambogic acid: Role of stathmin in hepatocellular carcinomaWang, X; Chen, Y; Han, QB; Chan, CY; Wang, H; Liu, Z; Cheng, CHK; Yew, DT; Lin, MCM; He, ML; Xu, HX; Sung, JJY; Kung, HF2009365
Gene expression of synaptosomal-associated protein 25 (SNAP-25) in the prefrontal cortex of the spontaneously hypertensive rat (SHR)Li, Q; Wong, JH; Lu, G; Antonio, GE; Yeung, DK; Ng, TB; Forster, LE; Yew, DT2009151
Down-regulation of stathmin is required for TGF-β inducible early gene 1 induced growth inhibition of pancreatic cancer cellsJiang, L; Chen, Y; Chan, Cy; Wang, X; Lin, L; He, Ml; Lin, MCM; Yew, DT; Sung, JJY; Li, JC; Kung, Hf2009251
Adenosine diphosphate-ribosylation factor 6 is required for epidermal growth factor-induced glioblastoma cell proliferationLi, M; Wang, J; Ng, SSM; Chan, CY; He, ML; Yu, F; Lai, L; Shi, C; Chen, Y; Yew, DT; Kung, HF; Lin, MCM2009209
The aqueous extract of Fructus Ligustri Lucidi regulates the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cellsLi, G; Chan, CY; Zhang, JF; Zhang, XA; Yew, DT; He, ML; Lin, MC; Leung, PC; Kung, HF2008166
The four-and-a-half-LIM protein 2 (FHL2) is overexpressed in gliomas and associated with oncogenic activitiesLi, M; Wang, J; Ng, SSM; Chan, CY; Chen, AC; Xia, HP; Yew, DT; Wong, BCY; Chen, Z; Kung, HF; Li, MCM2008209
Ketamine abuse and apoptosis in the cortex in monkeys and miceLi, Q; Wai, SP; Lam, WP; Yew, DT; McAlonan, G2008114
Two-dimensional differential gel electrophoresis/analysis of diethylnitrosamine induced rat hepatocellular carcinomaQi, Y; Chen, X; Chan, CY; Li, D; Yuan, C; Yu, F; Lin, MC; Yew, DT; Kung, HF; Lai, L2008170
Possible rules in microRNA target recognitionFu, X; Gu, J; Chan, CY; Lin, MC; Yew, DT; Kung, HF; Lai, L2007200
Proteomic analysis of EZH2 downstream target proteins in hepatocellular carcinomaChen, Y; Lin, MCM; Wang, H; Chan, CY; Jiang, L; Sai, MN; Yu, J; He, ML; Shaw, PC; Yew, DT; Sung, JJ; Kung, HF2007188
Preparation and biomedical application of a non-polymer coated superparamagnetic nanoparticleDu, L; Chen, J; Qi, Y; Li, D; Yuan, C; Lin, MC; Yew, DT; Kung, HF; Yu, JC; Lai, L2007224
An autoradiographic study of the retinofugal projections in the shark, Hemiscyllium plagiosumJen, LS; So, KF; Yew, DT; Lee, M198396
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