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Involvement of protein kinase C in reduction of aggregated protein and phosphorylation of CREB in glomeruliHirasawa, Y; Nishiyama, T; Nagao, T; Feng, Y; Nagamatsu, T201252
Advanced-glycation-end-product-cholesterol-aggregated-protein accelerates the proliferation of mesangial cells mediated by transforming-growth-factor-beta 1 receptors and the ERK-MAPK pathwayHirasawa, Y; Sakai, T; Ito, M; Yoshimura, H; Feng, Y; Nagamatsu, T201160
Hepatoprotective effect and its possible mechanism of Coptidis rhizoma aqueous extract on carbon tetrachloride-induced chronic liver hepatotoxicity in ratsFeng, Y; Wang, N; Ye, X; Li, H; Feng, YG; Cheung, F; Nagamatsu, T201164
F-actin reorganization and inactivation of Rho signaling pathway involved in the inhibitory effect of Coptidis Rhizoma on hepatoma cell migrationWang, N; Feng, Y; Lau, EPW; Tsang, C; Ching, Y; Man, K; Tong, Y; Nagamatsu, T; Su, W; Tsao, S2010548
Bear bile: Dilemma of traditional medicinal use and animal protectionFeng, Y; Siu, K; Wang, N; Ng, KM; Tsao, SW; Nagamatsu, T; Tong, Y2009401
Chinese medicines as a resource for liver fibrosis treatmentFeng, Y; Cheung, KF; Wang, N; Liu, P; Nagamatsu, T; Tong, Y2009114
Involvement of hyperglycemia in deposition of aggregated protein in glomeruli of diabetic miceHirasawa, Y; Matsui, Y; Ohtsu, S; Yamane, K; Toyoshi, T; Kyuki, K; Sakai, T; Feng, Y; Nagamatsu, T2008140
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