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Upconversion Nanoparticles Conjugated with Gd 3+ -DOTA and RGD for Targeted Dual-Modality Imaging of Brain Tumor XenograftsJIN, J; Xu, Z; ZHANG, Y; Gu, YJ; Lam, MHW; Wong, WT201343
Acute and chronic toxicities of Irgarol alone and in combination with copper to the marine copepod Tigriopus japonicusBao, VWW; Leung, KMY; Lui, GCS; Lam, MHW201372
Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) alter larval settlement of marine intertidal organisms across three phyla via reducing bacterial abundance on the biofilmsChiu, JMY; Po, BHK; Chan, CYS; Lam, MHW; Qian, PY; Wu, RSS201282
Review of measured concentrations of triphenyltin compounds in marine ecosystems and meta-analysis of their risks to humans and the environmentYi, AX; Leung, KMY; Lam, MHW; Lee, JS; Giesy, JP201270
A whole life cycle assessment on effects of waterborne PBDEs on gene expression profile along the brain-pituitary-gonad axis and in the liver of zebrafishHan, XB; Lei, ENY; Lam, MHW; Wu, RSS201182
Bioaccumulation and maternal transfer of PBDE 47 in the marine medaka (Oryzias melastigma) following dietary exposurevan de Merwe, JP; Chan, AKY; Lei, ENY; Yau, MS; Lam, MHW; Wu, RSS2011377
Acute toxicities of five commonly used antifouling booster biocides to selected subtropical and cosmopolitan marine speciesBao, VWW; Leung, KMY; Qiu, JW; Lam, MHW2011229
Heterobimetallic Ru(II)-Eu(III) complex as chemodosimeter for selective biogenic amine odorants detection in fish sampleChow, CF; Kong, HK; Leung, SW; Chiu, BKW; Koo, CK; Lei, ENY; Lam, MHW; Wong, WT; Wong, WY20111,063
Acute toxicities of five commonly used antifouling booster biocides to selected tropical/subtropical marine speciesBao, VWW; Qiu, JW; Lam, MHW; Leung, KMY2010116
Rapid magnetic-mediated solid-phase extraction and pre-concentration of selected endocrine disrupting chemicals in natural waters by poly(divinylbenzene-co-methacrylic acid) coated Fe3O4 core-shell magnetite microspheres for their liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry determinationLi, Q; Lam, MHW; Wu, RSS; Jiang, B2010632
A mechanistic study on the photodegradation of Irgarol-1051 in natural seawaterLam, KH; Lei, NY; Tsang, VWH; Cai, Z; Leung, KMY; Lam, MHW2009182
A bioaccumulative cyclometalated platinum(II) complex with two-photon-induced emission for live cell imagingKoo, CK; Wong, KL; Man, CWY; Lam, YW; So, LKY; Tam, HL; Tsao, SW; Cheah, KW; Lau, KC; Yang, YY; Chen, JC; Lam, MHW2009103
Two-photon plasma membrane imaging in live cells by an amphiphilic, water-soluble cyctometalated platinum(II) complexKoo, CK; Wong, KL; Man, CWY; Tam, HL; Tsao, SW; Cheah, KW; Lam, MHW2009147
Functionalized europium nanorods for in vitro imagingWong, KL; Law, GL; Murphy, MB; Tanner, PA; Wong, WT; Lam, PKS; Lam, MHW2008146
Toxicities of Irgarol 1051 and its major degradation product to marine primary producersZhang, Q; Leung, KMY; Bao, W; Kwok, WHKP; Lam, MHW2008136
Effects of fifteen PBDE metabolites, DE71, DE79 and TBBPA on steroidogenesis in the H295R cell lineSong, R; He, Y; Murphy, MB; Yeung, LWY; Yu, RMK; Lam, MHW; Lam, PKS; Hecker, M; Giesy, JP; Wu, RSS; Zhang, W; Sheng, G; Fu, J200875
Toxicities of antifouling biocide Irgarol 1051 and its major degraded product to marine primary producersZhang, AQ; Leung, KMY; Kwok, KWH; Bao, VWW; Lam, MHW200852
Emissive terbium probe for multiphoton in vitro cell imagingLaw, GL; Wong, KL; Man, CWY; Wong, WT; Tsao, SW; Lam, MHW; Lam, PKS2008167
Antifoulant Irgarol 1051 - A curse or blessing in disguise?Zhang, Q; Leung, KMY; Kwok, KPWH; Bao, WW; Lam, MHW2008226
Effects of 20 PBDE metabolites on steroidogenesis in the H295R cell lineHe, Y; Murphy, MB; Yu, RMK; Lam, MHW; Hecker, M; Giesy, JP; Wu, RSS; Lam, PKS2008521
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