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A genome-wide scan for loci influencing adolescent cannabis dependence symptoms: Evidence for linkage on chromosomes 3 and 9Hopfer, CJ; Lessem, JM; Hartman, CA; Stallings, MC; Cherny, SS; Corley, RP; Hewitt, JK; Krauter, KS; MikulichGilbertson, SK; Rhee, SH; Smolen, A; Young, SE; Crowley, TJ2007194
Linkage for cannabis dependence on chromosomes 3 and 9LESSEM, JM; HOPFER, CJ; CHERNY, SS; Corley, RP; Hewitt, JK; Krauter, KS; Mikulich, SK; Rhee, SH; Smolen, A; Stallings, MC; Young, SE; Crowley, TJ200567
Genetic and environmental contributions to general cognitive ability through the first 16 years of lifePetrill, SA; Hewitt, JK; Cherny, SS; Lipton, PA; Plomin, R; Corley, R; Defries, JC200481
Development genetic analysis of general cognitive ability from 1 to 12 years in a sample of adoptees, biological siblings, and twinsBishop, EG; Cherny, SS; Corley, R; Plomin, R; DeFries, JC; Hewitt, JK2003139
Optimal sibship selection for genotyping in quantitative trait locus linkage analysisPurcell, S; Cherny, SS; Hewitt, JK; Sham, PC200181
Analytic power calculation for QTL linkage analysis of small pedigreesRijsdijk, FV; Hewitt, JK; Sham, PC200150
Power of linkage versus association analysis of quantitative traits, by use of variance-components models, for sibship dataSham, PC; Cherny, SS; Purcell, S; Hewitt, JK200070
Variance-components QTL linkage analysis of selected and non-normal samples: Conditioning on trait valuesSHAM, PC; ZHAO, JH; CHERNY, SS; Hewitt, JK200062
Sampling among haplotype resolutions in a coalescent-based genealogy samplerSham, PC; Zhao, JH; Cherny, SS; Hewitt, JK200074
Selecting maximally informative sibships for OTL association analysis.PURCELL, S; CHERNY, SS; RIJSDIJK, F; Hewitt, JK; Sham, PC199946
Selecting maximally informative sibships for QTL linkage analysisCHERNY, SS; PURCELL, S; RIJSDIJK, F; Hewitt, JK; Sham, PC199956
Power of OTL linkage and association analysis.SHAM, PC; CHERNY, SS; PURCELL, S; Hewitt, JK199959
Combined linkage and association sib-pair analysis for quantitative traitsFulker, DW; Cherny, SS; Sham, PC; Hewitt, JK199968
Exploring the Genetic and Environmental Etiology of High General Cognitive Ability in Fourteen- To Thirty-Six-Month-Old TwinsPetrill, SA; Saudino, K; Cherny, SS; Emde, RN; Fulker, DW; Hewitt, JK; Plomin, R199869
The familial aggregation of depressive symptoms, antisocial behavior, and alcohol abuseStallings, MC; Cherny, SS; Young, SE; Miles, DR; Hewitt, JK; Fulker, DW199769
Exploring the genetic etiology of low general cognitive ability from 14 to 36 months.Petrill, SA; Saudino, K; Cherny, SS; Emde, RN; Hewitt, JK; Fulker, DW; Plomin, R199770
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