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Conserved metabolic steps for sporopollenin precursor formation in tobacco and riceWang, Y; Lin, YC; Du, Y; Lo, CSC201389
Effect of bi-directional microfabricated topographical cues on cellular behavior of mammalian cell lineMak, KY; Woo, HK; Du, Y; Li, L; Wong, CM; Shi, J; Pong, PWT201336
Potentiating Functional Antigen-specific CD8+ T Cell Immunity by a Novel PD1 Isoform-based Fusion DNA VaccineZHOU, J; Cheung, KLA; Liu, H; TAN, Z; TANG, X; KANG, Y; Du, Y; Wang, H; Liu, L; Chen, Z201350
Frequent mutation of the PI3K pathway in head and neck cancer defines predictive biomarkersLui, VWY; Hedberg, ML; Li, H; Vangara, BS; Pendleton, K; Zeng, Y; Lu, Y; Zhang, Q; Du, Y; Gilbert, BR; Freilino, M; Sauerwein, S; Peyser, ND; Xiao, D; Diergaarde, B; Wang, L; Chiosea, S; Seethala, R; Johnson, JT; Kim, S; Duvvuri, U; Ferris, RL; Romkes, M; Nukui, T; Ng, PK-S; Garraway, LA; Hammerman, PS; Mills, GB; Grandis, JR201388
Mucosal Priming with a Replicating-Vaccinia Virus-Based Vaccine Elicits Protective Immunity to Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Challenge in Rhesus MonkeysSun, C; Chen, Z; TANG, X; Zhang, Y; Feng, L; Du, Y; xiao, L; Liu, L; Zhu, W; Chen, L201336
Effect of O2-plasma treatment on nanogrooved PDMS surfaces for modulating cellular behavior of mammalian cellsMak, KY; Woo, HK; Sun, Y; Leung, CW; Du, Y; Li, L; Lai, PT; Leung, CH; Wong, CM; Shi, J; Pong, PWT201341
Mandibular first premolar with four canalsDu, Y; Lee, AHC; Zhang, C201376
In vitro study on the combined effect of gravity and microgrooved surface topography on cellular behavior of mammalian cell line for medical implantMak, KY; Woo, HK; Du, Y; Li, L; Wong, CM; Shi, J; Pong, PWT201337
Prader-willi syndrome- paediatric dentists’ perspective - a case reportNair, R; Du, Y; Yiu, CKY201332
Synthesis and Characterization of Silica-Encapsulated Iron Oxide NanoparticlesDu, Y; Li, L; Leung, CW; Lai, PT; Pong, PWT201337
PD1-based DNA vaccine amplifies HIV-1 GAG-specific CD8+ T cells in miceZhou, J; Cheung, KLA; Tan, Z; Wang, H; Yu, W; Du, Y; Kang, Y; Lu, X; Liu, L; Yuen, KY; Chen, Z201339
Lie derivations of generalized matrix algebrasDu, Y; Wang, Y201295
Influence of the chloro substituent position on the triplet reactivity of benzophenone derivatives: A time-resolved resonance Raman and density functional theory studyLi, W; Xue, J; Cheng, SC; Du, Y; Phillips, DL2012139
A linear stator permanent magnet vernier HTS machine for wave energy conversionDu, Y; Chau, KT; Cheng, M; Fan, Y; Zhao, W; Li, F201280
An improved coaxial magnetic gear using flux focusingLi, X; Chau, KT; Cheng, M; Hua, W; Du, Y2011132
Femtosecond transient absorption, nanosecond time-resolved resonance Raman, and density functional theory study of fenofibric acid in acetonitrile and isopropyl alcohol solventsLi, MD; Li, W; Ma, J; Su, T; Liu, M; Du, Y; Phillips, DL2011177
The expression and roles of inhibitor of DNA binding helix-loop-helix proteins in the developing and adult mouse retinaDu, Y; Yip, HK2011157
A case report of six canals in a maxillary first molar.Du, Y; Soo, I; Zhang, CF201193
Epithelial cells lining salivary gland ducts are early target cells of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection in the upper respiratory tracts of rhesus macaquesLiu, L; Wei, Q; Alvarez, X; Wang, H; Du, Y; Zhu, H; Jiang, H; Zhou, J; Lam, P; Zhang, L; Lackner, A; Qin, C; Chen, Z2011248
Design of high-torque-density double-stator permanent magnet brushless motorsWang, Y; Cheng, M; Chen, M; Du, Y; Chau, KT201195
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