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Roles of neuregulin 1 type III in the ex vivo generation of fate committed schwann cells from bone marrow stromal cellsLeung, HY; Tsui, AY; Shea, GKH; Tai, EWY; Chan, Y; Shum, DKY201319
In vivo MR spectroscopy of bilateral hippocampi in HIV-seropositive or neurosyphilis patients at 3TChiu, P; Chan, Y; Chan, Q; Mak, H201326
Does acupuncture therapy alter activation of neural pathway for pain perception in irritable bowel syndrome?: A comparative study of true and sham acupuncture using functional magnetic resonance imagingChu, WCW; Wu, JCY; Yew, DTW; Zhang, L; Shi, L; Yeung, DKW; Wang, D; Tong, RKY; Chan, Y; Lao, L; Leung, PC; Berman, BM; Sung, JJY201236
Hypolithic microbial communities: Between a rock and a hard placeChan, Y; Lacap, DC; Lau, MCY; Ha, KY; WarrenRhodes, KA; Cockell, CS; Cowan, DA; Mckay, CP; Pointing, SB201275
Industrial structural changes in Hong Kong, China under one country, two systems frameworkZhao, SX; Chan, Y; Ramon-Berjano, CB2012139
Low-diversity fungal assemblage in an Antarctic Dry Valleys soilRao, S; Chan, Y; Lacap, DC; Hyde, KD; Pointing, SB; Farrell, RL2012285
Stochastic and deterministic processes interact in the assembly of desert microbial communities on a global scaleCaruso, T; Chan, Y; Lacap, DC; Lau, MCY; Mckay, CP; Pointing, SB201170
On Network-based Kernel Methods for Protein-Protein Interactions with Applications in Protein Functions PredictionLi, L; Ching, W; Chan, Y; Mamitsuka, H2010122
Highly specialized microbial diversity in hyper-arid polar desert (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2009) 106, 47, (19964-19969) DOI:10.1073/pnas.0908274106)Pointing, SB; Chan, Y; Lacap, DC; Lau, MCY; Jurgens, JA; Farrell, RL201046
Seeing light again - Body-mind-spirit model in working with depressionChan, Y; Chan, CLW2009137
Highly specialized microbial diversity in hyper-arid polar desertPointing, SB; Chan, Y; Lacap, DC; Lau, MCY; Jurgens, JA; Farrell, RL2009206
A Blessed Single Parenthood – Empowerment Workshop for Women of Divorce.Chan, CLW; Chan, Y; Hung, S.L2009120
Epigenetic-genetic interactions in the APC/WNT, RAS/RAF, and P53 pathways in colorectal carcinomaSuehiro, Y; Wong, CW; Chirieac, LR; Kondo, Y; Shen, L; Renee Webb, C; Chan, Y; Chan, ASY; Chan, TL; Wu, TT; Rashid, A; Hamanaka, Y; Hinoda, Y; Shannon, RL; Wang, X; Morris, J; Issa, JPJ; Yuen, ST; Leung, SY; Hamilton, SR2008582
International benchmarking with the best universities: Policy and practice in mainland China and TaiwanMok, KH; Chan, Y200888
Women’s commission Conference on Together We Build a Harmonious CommunityChan, CLW; Chan, Y2006105
Liberating Women from the Bondage of Commercialization – A Holistic Health Perspective. 突破女性健康商品化的桎梏--整全健康的視野Chan, CLW; Chan, Y2006114
Psychosexual Issues in WomenChan, CLW; Chan, CHY; Ho, PSY; Chan, Y200692
The characterization of the optical functions of BCP and CBP thin films by spectroscopic ellipsometryLiu, ZT; Kwong, CY; Cheung, CH; Djurišić, AB; Chan, Y; Chui, PC2005225
Spiritual Resources of Chinese Women with Early Breast Cancer in Hong KongChan, Y; Ng, HY; Chan, CLW200580
The optical dielectric function of ZnODjurišić, AB; Chan, Y; Li, EH2003192
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