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Methods Of Detecting Cystic Fibrosis Gene By Nucleic Acid HybridizationTsui, L-C; Riordan, JR; Rommens, JM; Kerem, B; Buchwald, M; Collins, FS; Iannuzzi, M; Drumm, M1998563
Lung disease in mice with cystic fibrosisKent, G; Iles, R; Bear, CE; Huan, LJ; Griesenbach, U; McKerlie, C; Frndova, H; Ackerley, C; Gosselin, D; Radzioch, D; O'Brodovich, H; Tsui, LC; Buchwald, M; Tanswell, AK1997642
Phosphatase inhibitors activate normal and defective CFTR chloride channelsBecq, F; Jensen, TJ; Chang, XB; Savoia, A; Rommens, JM; Tsui, LC; Buchwald, M; Riordan, JR; Hanrahan, JW1994246
Biochemical and molecular genetics of cystic fibrosisTsui, LC; Buchwald, M1991130
Isolation of clones on chromosome 7 that contain recognition sites for rare-cutting enzymes by oligonucleotide hybridizationMelmer, G; Sood, R; Rommens, J; Rego, D; Tsui, LC; Buchwald, M1990250
The search for the cystic fibrosis geneBuchwald, M; Tsui, LC; Riordan, JR198980
Identification of the cystic fibrosis gene: Genetic analysisKerem, BS; Rommens, JM; Buchanan, JA; Markiewicz, D; Cox, TK; Chakravarti, A; Buchwald, M; Tsui, LC1989312
Physical localization of two DNA markers closely linked to the cystic fibrosis locus by pulsed-field gel electrophoresisRommens, JM; ZengerlingLentes, S; Kerem, BS; Melmer, G; Buchwald, M; Tsui, LC1989251
DNA marker haplotype association with pancreatic sufficiency in cystic fibrosisKerem, BS; Buchanan, JA; Durie, P; Corey, ML; Levison, H; Rommens, JM; Buchwald, M; Tsui, LC1989277
Identification of the cystic fibrosis gene: Chromosome walking and jumpingRommens, JM; Iannuzzi, MC; Kerem, BS; Drumm, ML; Melmer, G; Dean, M; Rozmahel, R; Cole, JL; Kennedy, D; Hidaka, N; Zsiga, M; Buchwald, M; Riordan, JR; Tsui, LC; Collins, FS1989465
Progress towards cloning the cystic fibrosis gene.Tsui, LC; Rommens, JM; Burns, J; Zengerling, S; Riordan, JR; Carlock, LR; Grzeschik, KH; Buchwald, M1988108
No evidence for genetic heterogeneity in cystic fibrosis.Tsui, LC; Buchwald, M198874
In situ hybridization of two cloned chromosome 7 sequences tightly linked to the cystic fibrosis locusDuncan, AMV; Buchwald, M; Tsui, LC1988188
Identification and regional localization of DNA markers on chromosome 7 for the cloning of the cystic fibrosis geneRommens, JM; Zengerling, S; Burns, J; Melmer, G; Kerem, B; Plavsic, N; Zsiga, M; Kennedy, D; Markiewicz, D; Rozmahel, R; Riordan, JR; Buchwald, M; Tsui, L1988288
Microdissection and microcloning of the long arm of human chromosome 7Kaiser, R; Weber, J; Grzeschik, KH; Edström, JE; Driesel, A; Zengerling, S; Buchwald, M; Tsui, LC; Olek, K1987332
Current status of the genetics of cystic fibrosis.Buchwald, M; Tsui, LC198763
Utilization of cultured epithelial cells from the sweat gland in studies of the CF defect.Riordan, J; Burns, J; Tsui, LC; Reddy, MM; Quinton, P; Buchwald, M198765
Linkage of DNA probe B79a (D7S13) to cystic fibrosisWainwright, BJ; Tsui, LC; Leppert, M; Buchwald, M; Estivill, X; O'Connell, P; Lathrop, M; LaLouel, JM; White, R; Williamson, R; Farrall, M1987270
Mapping of the cystic fibrosis locus on chromosome 7Tsui, LC; Zengerling, S; Willard, HF; Buchwald, M1986106
Genetic analysis of cystic fibrosis using linked DNA markersTsui, LC; Buetow, K; Buchwald, M1986211
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