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Academic capitalisation in the new millennium: The marketisation and corporatisation of higher education in Hong KongMok, KH200161
Access to primary care in Hong Kong, Greater London and New York CityChau, PH; Woo, J; Gusmano, MK; Weisz, D; Rodwin, VG; Chan, KC201294
Acute gastroenteritis in Hong Kong: A population-based telephone surveyHo, SC; Chau, PH; Fung, PK; Sham, A; Nelson, EA; Sung, J2010238
Aging in Hong Kong: The Institutional PopulationWoo, J; Chau, PPH2009166
Analysis of spatio-temporal variations in stroke incidence and case-fatality in Hong KongChau, PH; Woo, J; Goggins, WB; Wong, M; Chan, KC; Ho, SC201182
Are there useful yardsticks of population size and income level for building metro systems? Some worldwide evidenceLoo, BPY; Cheng, AHT2010157
Avoidable mortality pattern in a Chinese population - Hong Kong, ChinaChau, PH; Woo, J; Chan, KC; Weisz, D; Gusmano, MK2011170
Benjamin Elman, (2006). A cultural history of modern science in ChinaBlowers, GH2010241
Beyond Burma Versus the WorldHolliday, IM2008121
Beyond organized dependence: A study of workers' actual and perceived living standards in GuangzhouMok, KH; He, C199960
Bicycle crash casualties in a highly motorized cityLoo, BPY; Tsui, KL2010159
Book Review of Immigration and Crime by Jacob StoweelLaidler, KA200882
Breaking Out of Burma’s Time WarpHolliday, IM2008103
Bringing the State Back In: Restoring the role of the State in Chinese higher educationMok, KH201277
Building a Chinese Medicine Sector in Hong KongFan, R; Holliday, I2003102
Caring for the Oldest Old: 'Mixing and Matching' Informal and Formal CaregivingChau, PH; Yen, E; Woo, J2007110
The challenges of global capitalism: Unemployment and state workers' reactions and responses in post-reform ChinaMok, KH; Wong, L; Lee, GOM200275
Changing education governance and management in AsiaMok, KH200846
Changing Governance Structures and the Evolution of Public Service Bargains in Hong KongBurns, JP; Li, W; Peters, BG201328
China's administrative reforms for a market economyBurns, JP199364
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