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[125I] iodomelatonin binding sites in the avian brain and retinaYuan, He.; 袁和19935,763
17D yellow fever vaccine virus envelope protein expressed by recombinant baculovirus is antigenically indistinguishable from authentic viral proteinShiu, SYW; Morikawa, S; Buckley, A; Higgs, S; Karunakarannair, V; Blachere, C; Gould, EA199189
2-[125I]iodomelatonin-binding sites in the human kidney and the effect of guanosine 5'-0-(3-thiotriphosphate)Song, Y; Tam, PC; Poon, AMS; Brown, GM; Pang, SF1995451
.2[125I] Iodomelatonin binding sites in isolated mouse hepatocytes: Basic characteristics and the effects of ionsChoy, E; Poon, AMS; Pang, SF199689
2[125I]Iodomelatonin binding and interaction with β-adrenergic signaling in chick heart/coronary artery physiologyPang, CS; Xi, SC; Brown, GM; Pang, SF; Shiu, SYW2002137
2[125I]iodomelatonin binding sites in guinea pig plateletsYau, MYC; Pang, CS; Kravtsov, G; Pang, SF; Shiu, SYW2002144
2[125I]Iodomelatonin binding sites in spleens of guinea pigsPoon, AMS; Pang, SF199258
4-O-sulfated Chondroitins Contribute to Axon-restrictive Property in Schwann cell-as-trocyte EncountersChan, C; Liu, H; Chan, YS; Shum, DKY2007105
5-HT excites globus pallidus neurons by multiple receptor mechanismsChen, L; Yung, KKL; Chan, YS; Yung, WH2008164
5-HT-triggered facilitation of neurotransmitter release in medial vestibular nucleusHan, L; Lai, SK; Lai, CH; Chan, YS201270
5-HT-triggered facilitation of synaptic transmission in medial vestibular nucleusHan, L; Lai, SK; Lai, CH; Chan, YS201263
5-HT2A receptor mediated facilitation of inhibitory neurotransmission in medial vestibular nucleusHan, L; Lai, SK; Lai, CH; Chan, YS201085
A comparison of the vasoactive metabolites in the interstitial space of oxidative or glycolytic muscles in anaesthetised ratsLo, Sze-man, Irene.; 羅詩敏2000169
A study of adjacent sarcomere length changes in single striated musclefibres under isometric conditionsCheung, Yuen-ming.; 張婉明1974164
A study of changes in the blood volume and in certain blood componentsduring cold adaptation in the ratWang, Shih-fu.; 王士孚1973141
A study of the commissural connection and static tilt characteristics of Deiters' nucleus in cats: with specialreference to saccular input.Chan, Ying-shing; 陳應城1979187
A study of the cytosolic Ca2+ homeostasis in human leukemic HL-60 cellsLeung, Yuk-man.; 梁育民1996187
A study of the response characteristics of vestibular neurons to static tilt and electrical stimulation of the utricle in catsOr, To-hang; 柯道行1980245
A study on the cardiac k-opioid receptors: function, binding properties & signal transductionTai, Kwok-keung; 戴國強1993304
A study on the long latency component of the auditory evoked response in chloralose anaesthetized catsTam, Kai-tai; 譚啓泰1984251
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