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A case study of teacher appraisal in Shanghai, China: In relation to teacher professional developmentZhang, XF; Ng, HM201179
Comparative study of HfTa-based gate-dielectric Ge metal-oxide- semiconductor capacitors with and without AlON interlayerXu, JP; Zhang, XF; Li, CX; Chan, CL; Lai, PT2010240
Enhanced performance of Si MOS capacitors with HfTaOxNy gate dielectric by using AlOxNy or TaOxNy interlayerLi, CX; Zhang, XF; Xu, JP; Lai, PT2008172
Fabrication and characterization of multi-channel chitosan nerve conduit and its potential applicationAo, Q; Wang, AJ; Chen, GQ; Zuo, HC; Zhang, XF; Fung, CK; Tsui, Y; Shum, DKY; Chan, YS200888
Improved electrical properties of Ge metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitor with HfTa-based gate dielectric by using TaOxNy interlayerZhang, XF; Xu, JP; Li, CX; Lai, PT; Chan, CL; Guan, JG2008261
Improved electrical properties of Ge p-MOSFET with HfO 2 gate dielectric by using TaO xN y interlayerXu, JP; Zhang, XF; Li, CX; Lai, PT; Chan, CL2008298
Gate-leakage model of Ge MOS capacitor with high-k gate dielectricZou, X; Xu, JP; Lai, PT; Li, CX; Zhang, XF2007106
Modeling of scattering at high-k dielectric/SiO2 interface of strained SiGe MOSFETsZhang, XF; Xu, JP; Lai, PT; Zou, X; Li, CX200798
A physical model on scattering at high-κ dielectric/SiO2 interface of SiGe p-MOSFETsZhang, XF; Xu, JP; Lai, PT; Li, CX200757
Effect of interface-roughness scattering on mobility degradation in SiGe p-MOSFETs with a high-k dielectric/SiO2 gate stackZhang, XF; Xu, JP; Lai, PT; Li, CX; Guan, JG200796
Gate Leakage Model of Ge MOS Capacitor with High-k Gate DielectricZou, X; Xu, JP; Lai, PT; Li, C; Zhang, XF200696
Microstructure of carbon filled HDPE/EPDM composites studied by positron annihilation spectroscopyWeng, HM; Jia, SJ; Ye, BJ; Zhang, XF; Han, RD; Wang, XY; Zhou, HY; Zhang, ZC; Ling, CC2004149
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