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Cyclometalated platinum(ii) complexes as topoisomerase IIα poisonsLiu, J; Leung, CH; Chow, ALF; Sun, RWY; Yan, SC; Che, CM2011607
Specific blocking of CREB/DNA binding by cyclometalated platinum(II) complexesWang, P; Leung, CH; Ma, DL; Sun, RWY; Yan, SC; Chen, QS; Che, CM2011596
A selective G-quadruplex-based luminescent switch-on probe for the detection of nanomolar silver(I) ions in aqueous solutionMan, BYW; Chan, DSH; Yang, H; Ang, SW; Yang, F; Yan, SC; Ho, CM; Wu, P; Che, CM; Leung, CH; Ma, DL2010482
Structure-based design of platinum(II) complexes as c-myc oncogene down-regulators and luminescent probes for G-quadruplex DNAWang, P; Leung, CH; Ma, DL; Yan, SC; Che, CM2010413
Structure-based design of platinum(II) Complexes as c-myc oncogene Down-regulators and luminescent probes for G-quadruplex DNAWang, P; Leung, CH; Ma, DL; Yan, SC; Che, CM2010146
Identification of natural product Fonsecin B as a stabilizing ligand of c-myc G-quadruplex DNA by high-throughput virtual screeningLee, HM; Chan, DSH; Yang, F; Lam, HY; Yan, SC; Che, CM; Ma, DL; Leung, CH2010301
Platinum(II) complexes with dipyridophenazine ligands as human telomerase inhibitors and luminescent probes for G-quadruplex DNADikLung, M; Che, CM; Yan, SC2009197
Stabilization of G-quadruplex DNA with platinum(II) Schiff base complexes: Luminescent probe and down-regulation of c-myc oncogene expressionWu, P; Ma, DL; Leung, CH; Yan, SC; Zhu, N; Abagyan, R; Che, CM2009417
Timosaponin A-III induces autophagy preceding mitochondria-mediated apoptosis in hela cancer cellsSy, LK; Yan, SC; Lok, CN; Man, RYK; Che, CM2008147
Ambipolar charge transport in DNA moleculesRoy, VAL; Wong, ELM; Ko, BCB; Chao, CT; Yan, SC; Yan, B; Wu, JC; Che, CM2008187
51Sb-antimony in medicineYan, SC; Jin, L; Sun, H2005231
Mono- and bis- guanosine 5'-monophosphate adducts of pentavalent antimony: implication on the purine metabolismYan, SC; Jin, L; Sun, H200494
Interaction of antimony antiparasitic and bismuth antiucler agents with peptides and proteins: insights into the possible mechanism of actionSun, H; Yan, SC; Zhang, L2003212
Reduction of pentavalent antimony(SbV) by trypanothione and formation of a binary and ternary complex of antimony(III) and trypanothioneYan, SC; Li, F; Sun, H200383
Complexation of ytterbium to human transferrin and its uptake by K562 cellsDu, XL; Zhang, TL; Yuan, L; Zhao, YY; Li, RC; Wang, K; Yan, SC; Zhang, L; Sun, H; Qian, ZM2002236
Complexation of antimony(III) and trypanothione: formation of a novel tertiarySun, H; Yan, SC; Ding, K2001176
Novel complex of antimony(III) and trypanothioneSun, H; Yan, SC; Ding, K200190
Antimony complexes of the tripeptide glutathione and trypanothioneSun, H; Yan, SC; Cheng, WS2000155
Interaction of antimony tartrate with the tripeptide glutathione implication for its mode of actionSun, H; Yan, SC; Cheng, WS2000201
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