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Generation of integration-free neural progenitor cells from cells in human urineWang, L; Wang, L; Huang, W; Su, H; Xue, Y; Su, Z; Liao, B; Wang, H; Bao, X; Qin, D; He, J; Wu, W; So, KF201358
Over-expression of Hlx homeobox gene in DC2.4 dendritic cell enhances its maturation and antigen presentationShotorbani, SS; He, Z; Yang, H; Sun, Q; Xu, Y; Su, Z; Xue, Y; Zheng, D; Zhang, Y; Wang, S; Shao, Q; Lu, L; Xu, H201279
Differentiation imbalance of Th1/Th17 in peripheral blood mononuclear cells might contribute to pathogenesis of Hashimoto's thyroiditisShi, Y; Wang, H; Su, Z; Chen, J; Xue, Y; Wang, S; Xue, Y; He, Z; Yang, H; Zhou, C; Kong, F; Liu, Y; Yang, P; Lu, L; Shao, Q; Huang, X; Xu, H2010140
The rag locus of porphyromonas gingivalis might arise from bacteroides via horizontal gene transferSu, Z; Kong, F; Wang, S; Chen, J; Yin, R; Zhou, C; Zhang, Y; He, Z; Shi, Y; Xue, Y; Shi, X; Lu, L; Shao, Q; Xu, H2010204
A novel genome-wide full-length kinesin prediction analysis reveals additional mammalian kinesinsXue, Y; Liu, D; Fu, C; Dou, Z; Zhou, Q; Yao, X200688
SUMOsp: A web server for sumoylation site predictionXue, Y; Zhou, F; Fu, C; Xu, Y; Yao, X2006150
Insulin-like growth factors 1 and 2 induce lymphangiogenesis in vivoBjörndahl, M; Cao, R; Nissen, LJ; Clasper, S; Johnson, LA; Xue, Y; Zhou, Z; Jackson, D; Hansen, AJ; Cao, Y2005143
Optimization of transient stability control - Part-I: For cases with the same unstable modeXue, Y; Li, W; Hill, DJ200369
Optimal hybrid control of transient stability. Part one: For cases with a unique unstable modeXue, Y; Li, W; Hill, DJ200357
Optimal hybrid control of transient stability. Part Two: For cases with different unstable modesLi, W; Xue, Y; Hill, DJ200356
Optimization of transient stabiltiy control - Part-II: For cases with different unstable modesLi, W; Xue, Y; Hill, DJ200354
Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Fundamentals of the direct method Chapter 3 Direct transient stability analysis by UEP method Chapter 4 PEBS method and its applictions Chapter 5 EESE method and its applications Chapter 6 Summary and future developmFu, S; Ni, Y; Xue, Y1997179
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