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Professor Lu, Liwei 呂力為


Contact Information
Professional Qualifications
YearAwarding InstitutionQualification
1997McGill UniversityPhD

Professor LU graduated in Medicine from Jiangsu University and received his PhD from McGill University. After completing his postdoctoral research at the University of Toronto, he joined the University of Hong Kong in 2000 and is currently Professor of Immunology in the Department of Pathology. 

The study of immune dysregulations in autoimmune diseases is the main focus of Professor Lu’s research. During the last ten years, his laboratory has been exploring novel strategies for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, a crippling disease with high social relevance in Hong Kong. His team was among the first to successfully treat autoimmune arthritis by silencing B-cell activating factor in a preclinical study, which has significant therapeutic implications for the effective treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Professor Lu is an internationally recognised expert in the field of autoimmunity and has served as the Chairman of Hong Kong Society for Immunology. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers in leading immunology and rheumatology journals. His research achievements have been recognised with numerous awards including the Croucher Senior Research Fellowship in 2012 and the HKU Outstanding Researcher Award in 2013.

Honours, Awards & Prizes
AwardeesAward DateHonours / Awards / PrizesCategory
Zhang, FC
Li, YZ
Zhang, W
Chen, H
Wang, L
Zhang, SL
Li, P
Fei, YY
2017-12-01Chinese Medical Science and Technology Awards, 2017: China International Exchange and Promotion Association for Medical and Healthcare
Research Achievement
2015-05-01Outstanding Presentation of Young Investigator, 2015: Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale
Research Achievement
2014-07-01Best Oral Presentation Award, 2014: the Hong Kong Society of Flow Cytometry
Research Achievement
2015-09-01Best Poster Presentation Award, 2015: Hong Kong Society for Immunology
Research Achievement
2018-09-01Best Poster Presentation Award, 2018: Hong Kong Society for Immunology
Research Achievement
2019-10-01Young Investigator Award: Hong Kong Society for Immunology
Research Achievement
2000-07-01Postdoctoral Award: Medical Research Council of Canada
Research Achievement
2008-01-01Faculty Teaching Award: The University of Hong Kong
Research Achievement
2000-07-01David Rae Memorial Award: Leukemia Research Fund of Canada
Research Achievement
2003-01-01Young Investigator Award: Hong Kong Society for Immunology
Research Achievement
2012-07-01Croucher Senior Research Fellowship Award 2012/2013: Hong Kong Croucher Foundation
Research Achievement
2013-01-01Outstanding Researcher Award: The University of Hong Kong
Research Achievement
2015-01-01Beijing Science & Technology Award: Beijing Municipal Government, China
Research Achievement
2015-12-01Beijing Science & Technology Award: 北京市科学技术奖, 北京市科学技术奖励 评审委员会
Research Achievement
Professional Societies
Term PeriodPositionProfessional Societies
2011- PresentVisiting ProfessorFudan University, China
2011- PresentAcademic AdviserChinese Lupus Foundation, China
2011- PresentVisiting ProfessorNanjing University, China
2003-PresentSecretariatHong Kong Alumni Association of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
2006- PresentCouncil MemberHong Kong Society for Flow Cytometry
2002Mentor4th Chinese Synergy Program for Outstanding Youth (Sponsored by Hong Kong SAR Government and Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust)
2006-PresentMemberAmerican Association of Immunologists
2008-PresentChairmanHong Kong Society for Immunology
2014-2019Academic AdvisorBoard of Specialty Committee of Immunology, World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
2015-2020Academic AdvisorInstitute of Allergy, Rheumatology and Immunology, Fudan University, China
2015-2020Honorary Associate DirectorCommittee for Gout Disease, Cross-Strait Association of Health and Medicine, Beijing, China
2013-2018AdvisorLupus Foundation, China Health Promotion Foundation, China
2016-2020Honorary DirectorInstitute of Rheumatology and Immunology, Nanjing University, China
2015-2020CouncilorFederation of Immunological Societies of Asia Oceania
2016-2020Vice PresidentInternational Consortium for Rheumatology Research
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