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A micro PDMS flow sensor based on time-of-flight measurement for conductive liquidYu, H; Li, D; Roberts, RC; Xu, K; Tien, NC201383
The effect of Ga-doped nanocrystalline ZnO electrode on deep-ultraviolet enhanced GaN photodetectorWang, RX; Yang, LC; Zhang, YM; Xu, S; Fu, K; Zhang, BS; Wang, J; Xu, K; Yang, H201332
An incentive scheme for non-cooperative social networks under the Independent Cascade ModelYang, Y; Li, VOK; Xu, K201327
A time-of-flight flow sensor for the volume measurement of trace amount of interstitial fluidYu, H; Li, D; Roberts, RC; Xu, K; Tien, NC201297
Design, fabrication and testing of a micro-Venturi tube for fluid manipulation in a microfluidic systemYu, H; Li, D; Roberts, RC; Xu, K; Tien, NC2012184
An interstitial fluid transdermal extraction system for continuous glucose monitoringYu, H; Li, D; Roberts, RC; Xu, K; Tien, NC201298
Measurement-driven temporal analysis of information diffusion in online social networksNiu, G; Li, VOK; Long, Y; Xu, K201222
Influence maximization in noncooperative social networksYang, Y; Li, VOK; Xu, K201218
An interstitial fluid transdermal extraction, collection and measurement systemYu, H; Li, D; Xu, K; Roberts, RC; Tien, NC2011145
Field testing of irrigation effects on the stability of a cliff edge in loess, North-west ChinaXu, L; Dai, FC; Tham, LG; Tu, XB; Min, H; Zhou, YF; Wu, CX; Xu, K2011204
Fair packet forwarding in opportunistic networksFan, X; Xu, K; Li, VOK2011100
The effect of communication pattern on opportunistic mobile networksFan, X; Xu, K; Li, VOK; Yang, GH2011137
Tragedy of the commons in online social searchYang, Y; Xu, K; Li, VOK2011136
Modification of nonstructural protein 1 of influenza a virus by SUMO1Xu, K; Klenk, C; Liu, B; Keiner, B; Cheng, J; Zheng, BJ; Li, L; Han, Q; Wang, C; Li, T; Chen, Z; Shu, Y; Liu, J; Klenk, HD; Sun, B2011351
Discovering multiple resource holders in query-incentive networksJin, X; Xu, K; Li, VOK; Kwok, YK2011173
DIDS blocks a chloride-dependent current that is mediated by the 2B protein of enterovirus 71Xie, S; Wang, K; Yu, W; Lu, W; Xu, K; Wang, J; Ye, B; Schwarz, W; Jin, Q; Sun, B201154
Long-term effects of B-type natriuretic peptide infusion after acute myocardial infarction in a rat modelGeorge, I; Xydas, S; Klotz, S; Hay, I; Ng, C; Chang, J; Xu, K; Li, Z; Protter, AA; Wu, EX; Oz, MC; Wang, J2010120
A PDMS interstitial fluid transdermal extraction toolYu, H; Roberts, RC; Li, D; Xu, K; Tien, NC201088
A micro flow sensor for volumetric measurement of conductive fluidsYu, H; Li, D; Xu, K; Roberts, RC; Tien, NC2010101
Bistability in online social networksXu, K; Chau, CK; Li, VOK2010247
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