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Reliability and validity of the overactive bladder symptom score in Hong Kong ChineseYiu, MK; Li, CM; Hou, SM; Wong, CW; Tam, S; Chu, SK201325
Intermedin in reproduction: changes in gene expression and peptide levels in the ovary, oviduct and the uterus in the oestrous cycle of the rat; and the ffects of intermedin on uterine contraction.Wong, CW; O, WS; Tang, F201249
Recent Progress on Anti-Liver Fibrosis Candidates in Patents of Herbal Medicinal ProductsWang, X; Feng, Y; Wang, MN; Cheung, F; Wong, CW2012103
Intermedin in reproduction: changes in gene expression and peptide levels in the ovary, oviduct and the uterus in the oestrous cycle of the rat; and the effects of intemedin on uterine contractionWong, CW; O, WS; Tang, F201247
Improvement of surface bioactivity on titanium alloy by carbon and oxygen dual plasma immersion ion implantationZhao, Y; Chu, PK; Wong, CW; Yau, WP; Yeung, KWK201153
Enhanced cell adhesion and proliferation on dual plasma modified titanium surfacesZhao, Y; Chu, PK; Wong, CW; Yau, WP; Yeung, KWK201058
Analysis of H5N1 avian influenza infections from wild bird surveillance in Hong Kong from January 2006 to October 2007Ellis, TM; Dyrting, KC; Wong, CW; Chadwick, B; Chan, C; Chiang, M; Li, C; Li, P; Smith, GJD; Guan, Y; Malik Peiris, JS2009114
Characterization of avian influenza viruses A (H5N1) from wild birds, Hong Kong, 2004-2008Smith, GJD; Vijaykrishna, D; Ellis, TM; Dyrting, KC; Leung, YHC; Bahl, J; Wong, CW; Kai, H; Chow, MKW; Duan, L; Chan, ASL; Zhang, LJ; Chen, H; Luk, GSM; Peiris, JSM; Guan, Y2009300
Mechanical and in-vitro analyses of plasma surface-modified Ti-6AI-4V alloy interference screw for anterior cruciate ligament reconstructionWong, CW; Yeung, KWK; Kuang, G; Chu, PK; Yau, WP2009112
Development of small animal model for anterior cruciate ligament reconstructionKuang, G; Wong, CW; Yeung, KWK; Yau, WP200966
Computed Tomography Evaluation of Intracranial Atherosclerosis in Chinese Patients with Transient Ischemic Attack or Minor Ischemic Stroke-Its Distribution and Association with Vascular Risk FactorsKaFung Mak, H; Wong, CW; KaiWing Yau, K; Wong, WM; Gu, J; Khong, PL; PoonLap Chan, B2009123
Epigenetic-genetic interactions in the APC/WNT, RAS/RAF, and P53 pathways in colorectal carcinomaSuehiro, Y; Wong, CW; Chirieac, LR; Kondo, Y; Shen, L; Renee Webb, C; Chan, Y; Chan, ASY; Chan, TL; Wu, TT; Rashid, A; Hamanaka, Y; Hinoda, Y; Shannon, RL; Wang, X; Morris, J; Issa, JPJ; Yuen, ST; Leung, SY; Hamilton, SR2008582
Attitudes of public light bus drivers to penalties to combat red light violations in Hong KongWong, SC; Wong, CW; Sze, NN2008110
Performance evaluation of five detection tests for avian influenza antigen with various avian samplesChua, TH; Ellis, TM; Wong, CW; Guan, Y; Sheng, XG; Peng, G; Lamichhane, C; Maliadis, C; Tan, SW; Selleck, P; Parkinson, J2007126
Use of avian influenza vaccination in Hong KongEllis, TM; Sims, LD; Wong, HKH; Wong, CW; Dyrting, KC; Chow, KW; Leung, C; Peiris, JSM2006122
Efficacy of a brief intervention for carers of people with first-episode psychosis: A waiting list controlled studySo, HW; Chen, EYH; Chan, RCK; Wong, CW; Hung, SF; Chung, DWS; Ng, SM; Chan, CLW2006267
Structure determination of an antimicrobial peptide derived from human lactoferricin by circular dichroism and nuclear magentic resonance spectroscopic techniquesWong, CW; Ma, CY; Sze, KH2006136
Determination of Sulphate in Water by Flow-injection Analysis with Electrode-separated Piezolelectric Quartz Crystal SensorFung, YS; Wong, CW2006164
A Lyapunov-type condition for robust feedback stability of delay control systemsLee, RCH; Wong, CW; Xu, CZ; Yim, LH; Yung, SP200674
Letter to the editor (multiple letters)McAlonan, GM; Lee, AM; Cheung, V; Wong, JWS; Chua, SE; Cheng, SKW; Wong, CW; Tsang, J; Wong, KC2005185
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