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Distinct task-independent visual thresholds for egocentric and allocentric information pick upDe Wit, MM; Van Der Kamp, J; Masters, RSW201259
Left, right, left, right, eyes to the front! Muller-Lyer bias in grasping is not a function of hand used, hand preferred or visual hemifield, but foveation does matterVan Der Kamp, J; De Wit, MM; Masters, RSW2012123
Exploring the thresholds of vision for perception and actionDe Wit, MM; Masters, RSW; Van Der Kamp, J201260
Delayed pointing movements to masked Müller-Lyer figures are affected by target size but not the illusionDe Wit, M; Van Der Kamp, J; Masters, RSW201153
Implicit and explicit learning: Applications from basic research to sports for individuals with impaired movement dynamicsSteenbergen, B; Van Der Kamp, J; Verneau, M; JongbloedPereboom, M; Masters, RSW2010168
Regard and perceptions of size in soccer: Better is biggerMasters, RSW; Poolton, JM; Van Der Kamp, J201061
The human Müller-Lyer illusion in goalkeepingVan Der Kamp, J; Masters, RSW2008149
Imperceptibly off-center goalkeepers influence penalty-kick direction in soccerMasters, RSW; Van Der Kamp, J; Jackson, RC2007138
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