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Chinese teachers' views on the increasing use of Putonghua as a medium of instruction in Hong Kong schoolsGao, XA; Leung, PPW; Trent, J2010101
Understanding mainland Chinese students' motivations for choosing teacher education programmes in Hong KongGao, X; Trent, J2009179
'At least I'm the type of teacher I want to be': Second-career English language teachers' identity formation in Hong Kong secondary schoolsTrent, J; Gao, X2009143
Analysis of genetic alterations in primary nasopharyngeal carcinoma by comparative genomic hybridizationFang, Y; Guan, XY; Guo, Y; Sham, JST; Deng, M; Liang, Q; Li, H; Zhang, H; Zhou, H; Trent, J2001196
Independent amplification and frequent co-amplification of three nonsyntenic regions on the long arm of chromosome 20 in human breast cancerTanner, MM; Tirkkonen, M; Kallioniemi, A; Isola, J; Kuukasjärvi, T; Collins, C; Kowbel, D; Guan, XY; Trent, J; Gray, JW; Meltzer, P; Kallioniemi, OP199684
Chromosome arm painting probes.Guan, XY; Zhang, H; Bittner, M; Jiang, Y; Meltzer, P; Trent, J1996237
Expression of the zinc finger gene EVI-1 in ovarian and other cancersBrooks, DJ; Woodward, S; Thompson, FH; Dos Santos, B; Russell, M; Yang, JM; Guan, XY; Trent, J; Alberts, DS; Taetle, R199683
DNA sequence amplification in human prostate cancer identified by chromosome microdissection: Potential prognostic implicationsVan Den Berg, C; Guan, XY; Von Hoff, D; Jenkins, R; Bittner, M; Griffin, C; Kallioniemi, O; Visakorpi, T; Mcgill, J; Herath, J; Epstein, J; Sarosdy, M; Meltzer, P; Trent, J199594
Clonal chromosome abnormalities in 54 cases of ovarian carcinomaThompson, FH; Emerson, J; Alberts, D; Liu, Y; Guan, XY; Burgess, A; Fox, S; Taetle, R; Weinstein, R; Makar, R; Powell, D; Trent, J199489
Application of chromosome microdissection probes for elucidation of BCR- ABL fusion and variant Philadelphia chromosome translocations in chronic myelogenous leukemiaZhang, J; Meltzer, P; Jenkins, R; Guan, XY; Trent, J199390
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