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Complication and Failure Rates of Tooth-Supported Fixed Dental Prostheses After 7 to 19 Years in FunctionBart, I; Dobler, B; Schmidlin, K; Zwahlen, M; Salvi, GE; Lang, NP; Brägger, U2012102
Peri-implantitis susceptibility as it relates to periodontal therapy and supportive carePjetursson, BE; Helbling, C; Weber, HP; Matuliene, G; Salvi, GE; Brägger, U; Schmidlin, K; Zwahlen, M; Lang, NP2012131
Complication and failure rates of fixed dental prostheses in patients treated for periodontal diseaseBrägger, U; HirtSteiner, S; Schnell, N; Schmidlin, K; Salvi, GE; Pjetursson, B; Matuliene, G; Zwahlen, M; Lang, NP2011145
The effect of different implant neck configurations on soft and hard tissue healing: A randomized-controlled clinical trialTan, WC; Lang, NP; Schmidlin, K; Zwahlen, M; Pjetursson, BE201180
Complication and failure rates in patients treated for chronic periodontitis and restored with single crowns on teeth and/or implants.Schmidlin, K; Schnell, N; Steiner, S; Salvi, GE; Pjetursson, B; Matuliene, G; Zwahlen, M; Brägger, U; Lang, NP2010118
Significance of periodontal risk assessment in the recurrence of periodontitis and tooth lossMatuliene, G; Studer, R; Lang, NP; Schmidlin, K; Pjetursson, BE; Salvi, GE; Brägger, U; Zwahlen, M2010110
Transalveolar maxillary sinus floor elevation using osteotomes with or without grafting material. Part II: Radiographic tissue remodelingPjetursson, BE; Ignjatovic, D; Matuliene, G; Brägger, U; Schmidlin, K; Lang, NP2009110
Maxillary sinus floor elevation using the (transalveolar) osteotome technique with or without grafting material. Part I: Implant survival and patients' perceptionPjetursson, BE; Rast, C; Brägger, U; Schmidlin, K; Zwahlen, M; Lang, NP2009111
Clinical effects of interdental cleansing on supragingival biofilm formation and development of experimental gingivitis.Salvi, GE; Della Chiesa, A; Kianpur, P; Attström, R; Schmidlin, K; Zwahlen, M; Lang, NP2009135
Influence of residual pockets on progression of periodontitis and tooth loss: Results after 11 years of maintenanceMatuliene, G; Pjetursson, BE; Salvi, GE; Schmidlin, K; Brägger, U; Zwahlen, M; Lang, NP2008165
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