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Reversibility of experimental peri-implant mucositis compared with experimental gingivitis in humansSalvi, GE; Aglietta, M; Eick, S; Sculean, A; Lang, NP; Ramseier, CA2012126
Anti-infective surgical therapy of peri-implantitis: a 12-month prospective clinical studyHeitz-Mayfield, LJA; Salvi, GE; Mombelli, A; Faddy, M; Lang, NP2012177
Complication and Failure Rates of Tooth-Supported Fixed Dental Prostheses After 7 to 19 Years in FunctionBart, I; Dobler, B; Schmidlin, K; Zwahlen, M; Salvi, GE; Lang, NP; Brägger, U2012103
Clinical and radiographic changes at implants supporting single-unit crowns (SCs) and fixed dental prostheses (FDPs) with one cantilever extension: a retrospective studyAglietta, M; Iorio Siciliano, V; Blasi, A; Sculean, A; Brägger, U; Lang, NP; Salvi, GE2012137
Peri-implantitis susceptibility as it relates to periodontal therapy and supportive carePjetursson, BE; Helbling, C; Weber, HP; Matuliene, G; Salvi, GE; Brägger, U; Schmidlin, K; Zwahlen, M; Lang, NP2012134
Complication and failure rates of fixed dental prostheses in patients treated for periodontal diseaseBrägger, U; HirtSteiner, S; Schnell, N; Schmidlin, K; Salvi, GE; Pjetursson, B; Matuliene, G; Zwahlen, M; Lang, NP2011145
Transcriptional profiling of osseointegration in humansIvanovski, S; Hamlet, S; Salvi, GE; HuynhBa, G; Bosshardt, DD; Lang, NP; Donos, N2011924
Early osseointegration to hydrophilic and hydrophobic implant surfaces in humansLang, NP; Salvi, GE; HuynhBa, G; Ivanovski, S; Donos, N; Bosshardt, DD2011955
A 10-year retrospective analysis of marginal bone-level changes around implants in periodontally healthy and periodontally compromised tobacco smokersAglietta, M; Siciliano, VI; Rasperini, G; Cafiero, C; Lang, NP; Salvi, GE2011130
Anti-infective treatment of peri-implant mucositis: A randomised controlled clinical trialHeitzMayfield, LJA; Salvi, GE; Botticelli, D; Mombelli, A; Faddy, M; Lang, NP2011661
The role of bone debris in early healing adjacent to hydrophilic and hydrophobic implant surfaces in manBosshardt, DD; Salvi, GE; HuynhBa, G; Ivanovski, S; Donos, N; Lang, NP20111,007
Gene expression profile of osseointegration of a hydrophilic compared with a hydrophobic microrough implant surfaceDonos, N; Hamlet, S; Lang, NP; Salvi, GE; HuynhBa, G; Bosshardt, DD; Ivanovski, S2011646
Complication and failure rates in patients treated for chronic periodontitis and restored with single crowns on teeth and/or implants.Schmidlin, K; Schnell, N; Steiner, S; Salvi, GE; Pjetursson, B; Matuliene, G; Zwahlen, M; Brägger, U; Lang, NP2010118
Pro-inflammatory biomarkers during experimental gingivitis in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus: A proof-of-concept studySalvi, GE; Franco, LM; Braun, TM; Lee, A; Rutger Persson, G; Lang, NP; Giannobile, WV2010509
Significance of periodontal risk assessment in the recurrence of periodontitis and tooth lossMatuliene, G; Studer, R; Lang, NP; Schmidlin, K; Pjetursson, BE; Salvi, GE; Brägger, U; Zwahlen, M2010112
A 10-year retrospective analysis of radiographic bone-level changes of implants supporting single-unit crowns in periodontally compromised vs. periodontally healthy patientsMatarasso, S; Rasperini, G; Iorio Siciliano, V; Salvi, GE; Lang, NP; Aglietta, M2010149
Dimensional ridge alterations following immediate implant placement in molar extraction sites: A six-month prospective cohort study with surgical re-entryMatarasso, S; Salvi, GE; Iorio Siciliano, V; Cafiero, C; Blasi, A; Lang, NP2009119
Periodontal disease progression in subjects with orofacial clefts over a 25-year follow-up periodHuynhBa, G; Brägger, U; Zwahlen, M; Lang, NP; Salvi, GE2009117
Bleeding on probing and pocket probing depth in relation to probing pressure and mucosal health around oral implantsGerber, JA; Tan, WC; Balmer, TE; Salvi, GE; Lang, NP2009148
Clinical effects of interdental cleansing on supragingival biofilm formation and development of experimental gingivitis.Salvi, GE; Della Chiesa, A; Kianpur, P; Attström, R; Schmidlin, K; Zwahlen, M; Lang, NP2009136
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