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Risk variant of oligodendrocyte lineage transcription factor 2 is associated with reduced white matter integrityPrata, DP; Kanaan, RA; Barker, GJ; Shergill, S; Woolley, J; Georgieva, L; Picchioni, MM; Kravariti, E; Walshe, M; Allin, M; Toulopoulou, T; Bramon, E; Mcdonald, C; Giampietro, V; Murray, RM; Brammer, M; O'donovan, M; Mcguire, P2013140
Interaction between effects of genes coding for dopamine and glutamate transmission on striatal and parahippocampal functionPauli, A; Prata, DP; Mechelli, A; Picchioni, M; Fu, CH; Chaddock, CA; Kane, F; Kalidindi, S; Mcdonald, C; Kravariti, E; Toulopoulou, T; Bramon, E; Walshe, M; Ehlert, N; Georgiades, A; Murray, R; Collier, DA; Mcguire, P2013149
Genetic vulnerability to psychosis and cortical function: Epistatic effects between DAAO and G72Mechelli, A; FusarPoli, P; Prata, D; Papagni Sergio, A; Tognin, S; Kambeitz, J; Fu, C; Picchioni, M; Walshe, M; Toulopoulou, T; Bramon, E; Murray, R; Mcguire, P2012107
Intervention in individuals at ultra-high risk for psychosis: A review and future directionsMcgorry, PD; Nelson, B; Amminger, GP; Bechdolf, A; Francey, SM; Berger, G; RiecherRössler, A; Klosterkötter, J; Ruhrmann, S; SchultzeLutter, F; Nordentoft, M; Hickie, I; Mcguire, P; Berk, M; Chen, EYH; Keshavan, MS; Yung, AR2009102
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