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E4BP4 overexpression: a protective mechanism in CD4+ T cells from SLE patientsZhao, M; Liu, Q; Liang, G; Wang, L; Luo, S; Tang, Q; Zhao, H; Su, Y; Yung, SSY; Chan, DTM; Lu, Q201330
Fangchinoline induces autophagic cell death via p53/sestrin2/AMPK signalling in human hepatocellular carcinoma cellsWang, N; Pan, W; Zhu, M; Zhang, M; Hao, X; Liang, G; Feng, Y2011187
Supramolecular hydrogel of a D-amino acid dipeptide for controlled drug release in vivoLiang, G; Yang, Z; Zhang, R; Li, L; Fan, Y; Kuang, Y; Gao, Y; Wang, T; Lu, WW; Xu, B2009203
Multifunctional yolk-shell nanoparticles: A potential MRI contrast and anticancer agentGao, J; Liang, G; Cheung, JS; Pan, Y; Kuang, Y; Zhao, F; Zhang, B; Zhang, X; Wu, EX; Xu, B2008306
Using β-lactamase to trigger supramolecular hydrogelationYang, Z; Ho, PL; Liang, G; Chow, KH; Wang, Q; Cao, Y; Guo, Z; Xu, B200774
D-Glucosamine-based supramolecular hydrogels to improve wound healingYang, Z; Liang, G; Ma, M; Abbah, AS; Lu, WW; Xu, B200789
A pilot study of the impact of air pollution on health outcomes in elderly Chinese: The Guangzhou elderly cohort biobank study (Abstract)Lam, TH; Jiang, CQ; Thomas, GN; Wong, CM; Zhang, W; Lai, PC; Wang, BG; Fan, SJ; Zhou, SZX; Lao, X; Cao, M; Can, C; Liang, G; Adab, P; Jaakkola, J; Hedley, AJ; Cheng, KK2005109
The impact of vegetation restoration on erosion-induced sediment yield in the middle Yellow River and management prospectChen, H; Zhou, J; Cai, Q; Yue, Z; Lu, Z; Liang, G; Huang, J2005147
Laboratory diagnosis of four recent sporadic cases of community-acquired SARS, Guangdong Province, ChinaLiang, G; Chen, Q; Xu, J; Liu, Y; Lim, W; Peiris, JSM; Anderson, LJ; Ruan, L; Li, H; Kan, B; Di, B; Cheng, P; Chan, KH; Erdman, DD; Gu, S; Yan, X; Liang, W; Zhou, D; Haynes, L; Duan, S; Zhang, X; Zheng, H; Gao, Y; Tong, S; Li, D; Fang, L; Qin, P; Xu, W; Huang, J; Wan, Z; Zheng, K; Li, J; Deng, X; Diao, L; Zhou, H; Huang, P; Zhang, W; Zheng, H; Zhong, H; Xie, S; Li, W; Wang, J; Zhong, Y; Lin, J; Yan, M; Wang, H; Li, W; Zhang, E; Hao, Q; Dong, X; Wang, H; Zhou, W; Zhang, L; Wang, W; Zhuang, Y; Yu, J; Zhang, Q; Zhu, Z; Zhang, Y; Lai, M; Choy, P; Poon, LLM; Guan, Y; Peret, T; Felton, K; Emery, S; Chern, S; Cook, B; Lu, X; Tamin, A; Miao, C; Dillon, M200496
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