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A study of the clinical and biochemical profile of peritoneal dialysis fluid low in glucose degradation productsLai, KN; Lam, MF; Leung, JCK; Chan, LYY; Lam, CWK; Chan, IHS; Chan, HW; Li, CS; Wong, SSH; Ho, YW; Cheuk, A; Tang, MKL; Tang, SCW201285
A combination of biocompatible peritoneal dialysis solutions and residual renal function, peritoneal transport, and inflammation markers: a randomized clinical trialLui, SL; Yung, S; Yim, A; Wong, KM; Tong, KL; Wong, KS; Li, CS; Au, TC; Lo, WK; Ho, YW; Ng, F; Tang, C; Chan, TM2012137
Renal cell carcinoma of native kidney in Chinese renal transplant recipients: A report of 12 cases and a review of the literatureCheung, CY; Lam, MF; Lee, KC; Chan, GSW; Chan, KW; Chau, KF; Li, CS; Chan, TM; Lai, KN2011140
Definition of current density in the presence of a non-local potentialLi, CS; Wan, LH; Wei, YD; Wang, J2008278
Statistical analysis for current fluctuations in a disordered quantum pumpLi, CS; Yu, YJ; Wei, YD; Wang, J200798
Nonadiabatic quantum spin pump: Interplay between spatial interference and photon-assisted tunneling in two-dimensional Rashba systemsLi, CS; Yu, YJ; Wei, YD; Wang, J2007127
Fractional crystallization of monosulfide solid solution from sulfide liquids lead to the PGE enrichment in the Jinchuan Ni-Cu sulfide deposit, western ChinaSu, SG; Li, CS; Zhou, MF; Ripley, EM; Qi, L2007180
ASPD: A prospective study of adequacy in asian patients on long term, small volume, continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysisLam, MF; Tang, C; Wong, AK; Tong, KL; Yu, AW; Li, CS; Cheung, KO; Lai, KN2006104
Conversion of ciclosporin A to tacrolimus in kidney transplant recipients with chronic allograft nephropathyTang, SCW; Chan, KW; Tang, CSO; Lam, MF; Leung, CY; Tse, KC; Li, CS; Ho, YW; Tong, MKL; Lai, KN; Chan, TM2006116
Effect of Kt/V on survival and clinical outcome in CAPD patients in a randomized prospective studyLo, WK; Ho, YW; Li, CS; Wong, KS; Chan, TM; Yu, AWY; Ng, FSK; Cheng, IKP2003131
A Multi-Center Prospective Study For Adequacy Of Dialysis Of Asian Patients In Long-Term Peritoneal DialysisLam, MF; Lo, WK; Li, CS; Wong, A; Cheung, KO; Tong, KL; Lai, KN200370
Diltiazem co-treatment in renal transplant patients receiving microemulsion cyclosporinKumana, CR; Tong, MKL; Li, CS; Lauder, IJ; Lee, JSK; Kou, M; Walley, T; Haycox, A; Chan, TM2003404
Relationship between adequacy of dialysis and nutritional status, and their impact on patient survival on CAPD in Hong KongLo, WK; Tong, KL; Li, CS; Chan, TM; Wong, AKM; Ho, YW; Cheung, KO; Kwan, TH; Wong, KS; Ng, FSK; Cheng, IKP200173
A randomized prospective comparison of oral levofloxacin plus intraperitoneal (IP) vancomycin and IP netromycin plus IP vancomycin as primary treatment of peritonitis complicating CAPDCheng, IKP; Fang, GX; Chau, PY; Chan, TM; Tong, KL; Wong, AKM; Li, CS; Lo, WK; Cheung, KO; Kumana, CR199890
End-stage renal disease among AsiansLai, KN; Li, CS; Chan, TM199840
Highly successful long-term outcome of kidney transplantation in Chinese recipients: An enhancing race effect?Hawkins, BR; Chan, P; Chan, YT; Cheng, IKP; Cheung, KO; Fenn, J; Ho, KK; Lai, KN; Li, CS; Lui, SF; Opelz, G; Tong, MKL199793
A multicentre randomized prospective comparison of oral levofloxacin plus i.p. vancomycin and i.p. netromycin plus i.p. vancomycin as primary treatment of CAPD peritonitisCheng, IKP; Chau, PY; Chan, DTM; Wong, A; Tong, KL; Li, CS; Lo, WK; Cheung, KO1997112
Guide to plasma lipids and lipoproteins for Hong Kong doctorsWong, SP; Cockram, CS; Janus, ED; Lee, WTK; Leung, WH; Masarei, JRL; Tai, YT; Tomlinson, B; Cheng, CH; Tse, TF; Kung, AWC; Lam, KSL; Li, CS; Woo, J199789
Treatment of Type IV lupus nephritis: Comparison of 2 triple therapy regimens - cyclosporin A, prednisolone, azathioprine Vs cyclophosphamide p.o., prednisolone, azathioprineLui, SF; Cheng, IKP; Tong, KL; Li, CS; Wong, KC; Chan, DTM; Tsang, WK; Chau, KF; For The Hklnk Study Group,1997110
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