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Involving parents in paired reading with preschoolers: Results from a randomized controlled trialLam, SF; Chow-Yeung, K; Wong, BPH; Lau, KK; Tse, SI201358
Prognostic implications of surrogate markers of atherosclerosis in low to intermediate risk patients with type 2 diabetes.Lau, KK; Wong, YK; Chan, YH; Yiu, KH; Ho, SL; Chan, KH; Siu, DCW; Tse, HF201275
The Effectiveness of Paired Reading Program for Preschoolers and Their ParentsLam, SF; Chow-Yeung, K; Lau, KK; Wong, PH201164
Web 2.0 divide among naughty insiders, worried outsiders, and invisible monitors: A case studyYu, M; Yuen, AHK; Park, J; Lam, HC; Lau, KK; Lau, W2011120
Young-onset Parkinsonism in a Hong Kong Chinese man with adult-onset Hallervorden-Spatz syndromeMak, CM; Sheng, B; Lee, HHC; Lau, KK; Chan, WT; Lam, CW; Chan, YW2011170
Synthesis, crystal structures, and photophysical properties of lanthanide complexes containing pyrrole-derivatized carboxylate ligandsLaw, GL; Wong, KL; Lau, KK; Tam, HL; Cheah, KW; Wong, WT2007169
Lower level of phytoestrogen intake correlates with poorer vascular endothelial function in patients with high risk for cardiovascular eventsChan, YH; Lau, KK; Li, SW; Shu, XO; Li, Q; Lau, CP; Tse, HF2006107
In Vitro Anti-hepatitis B Virus Activities and Mechanism of Metal-based NanoparticlesLu, L; Sun, RWY; Hui, CK; Chen, R; Luk, JMC; Che, CM; Lau, KK200694
Possible Central Nervous System Infection by SARS CoronavirusLau, KK; Yu, WC; Chu, CM; Lau, ST; Sheng, B; Yuen, KY200492
Synthesis of novel gadolinium-based contrast agents for medical Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)Lau, KK; Wong, WT2004175
Epidemiological study of multiple sclerosis in Hong Kong Chinese: questionnaire surveyLau, KK; Wong, LKS; Li, LSW; Chan, YW; Li, HL; Wong, V2002789
H. Pylori eradication vs combined proton pump inhibitor and H. pylori eradication in the prevention of recurrent peptic ulcer complications in high-risk patients receiving low-dose aspirinLai, KC; Lam, SK; Chu, KM; Hui, WM; Wong, CY; Hu, W; Wong, WM; Yuen, MF; Chan, OO; Lai, CL; Lau, KK; Chan, CK200189
Determination of pesticides in drinking water by micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography with fluorescence detectionLau, KK; Fung, YS200190
COX-2 inhibitor compared with proton pump inhibitor in the prevention of recurrent ulcer complications in high-risk patients taking NSAIDsLai, KC; Chu, KM; Hui, WM; Wong, CY; Hu, W; Yuen, WM; Yuen, MF; Chan, OO; Lai, CL; Lau, KK; Chan, CK; Lam, SK200190
Lansoprazole reduces ulcer relapse after eradication of Helicobacter pylori in NSAIDs usersLai, KC; Lam, SK; Hui, WM; Wong, CY; Chu, KM; Hu, W; Wong, WM; Chan, OO; Lai, CL; Lau, KK; Yuen, MF; Chan, CK200087
Dioxo- and nitrido-osmium complexes with imidodiphosphinochalcogenido ligands [N(QPR2)2]- (Q = S or Se; R = Ph or Pri)Zhang, QF; Lau, KK; Chim, JLC; Wong, TKT; Wong, WT; Williams, ID; Leung, WH2000110
Ruthenium benzylidene and vinylidene complexes in a sulfur-rich coordination environmentLeung, WH; Lau, KK; Zhang, QF; Wong, WT; Tang, B2000130
A randomised controlled study comparing the efficacy of once-daily triple therapy with twice-daily triple therapy in the eradication of Helicobacter pyloriLai, KC; Chan, OO; Hui, WM; Wong, BCY; Hu, HC; Chan, CK; Lai, CL; Lau, KK; Lam, SK1999199
Dynamics of interaction modes in excited annular jetsKo, NWM; Lau, KK; Lam, KM199885
Layout Analysis and Segmentation of Chinese Newspaper ArticlesLau, KK; Leung, CH1994138
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