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HKU ResearcherPage: Ng, EHY
Professor Ng, Ernest Hung Yu
  • Clinical Professor
Contact Information
  • 2255 3406
 Professional Qualifications
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My research interests are assisted reproduction technology, assessment of ovarian reserve, endometrial receptivity, the use of three-dimensional ultrasound, acupuncture in reproduction medicine and stem cells.

  1. Conducting many clinical randomized studies which contribute significantly in the area of reproductive medicine.
  2. Conducting clinical studies on assessment of ovarian reserve which has significant impact on the ovarian stimulation regimen and the dose of gonadotrophin used
  3. Conducting many pioneer studies on the assessment of endometrial vascularity by three-dimensional ultrasound in IVF cycles. This series of studies characterize the role of endometrial vascularity in pregnancy and miscarriage.  
  4. Conducting clinical randomized studies on the use of acupuncture in assisted reproduction. This is the first double blind randomized trial on the use of acupuncture in IVF cycles. The published study in Human Reproduction was selected for press release and was cited for many times since publication.


Collaboration network

  1. Collaborating research with centres in mainland China including Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine, Harbin and Nanfang Medical University, Guangzhou.
  2. Establishing and maintaining a research network using individual patient data analysis with other centres in Netherland, UK, Australia and Finland
  3. Member of the Advisory Board of National Clinical Trial Base of Chinese Medicine in First Affiliated Hospital, Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine


 Honours, Awards & Prizes
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 Professional Societies
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