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Low-temperature Solution-Processed Hydrogen Molybdenum and Vanadium Bronzes for Efficient Hole Transport Layer in Organic ElectronicsXIE, F; Choy, WCH; WANG, C; LI, X; Zhang, S; Hou, J201331
Atrial mechanics in patients after surgical repair of tetralogy of FallotHou, J; Cheung, YF201320
Recombinant PTD-Cu/Zn SOD attenuates hypoxia-reoxygenation injury in cardiomyocytesLiu, J; Hou, J; Xia, ZY; Zeng, W; Wang, X; Li, R; Ke, C; Xu, J; Lei, S; Xia, Z201333
Room-Temperature Solution-Processed Molybdenum Oxide as Hole Transport Layer with Ag Nanoparticles for Highly Efficient Inverted Organic Solar CellsLi, X; Choy, WCH; Xie, F; Zhang, S; Hou, J201342
Dual plasmonic nanostructures for high performance inverted organic solar cellsLi, X; Choy, WCH; Huo, L; Xie, F; Sha, WEI; Ding, B; Guo, X; Li, Y; Hou, J; You, J; Yang, Y2012210
The influence of 14C reservoir age on interpretation of paleolimnological records from the Tibetan PlateauHou, J; D'Andrea, W; Liu, Z201261
Rare inborn errors associated with chronic hepatitis B virus infectionZhao, Q; Peng, L; Huang, W; Li, Q; Pei, Y; Yuan, P; Zheng, L; Zhang, Y; Deng, J; Zhong, C; Hu, B; Ding, H; Fang, W; Li, R; Liao, Q; Lin, C; Deng, W; Yan, H; Hou, J; Wu, Q; Xu, T; Liu, J; Hu, L; Peng, T; Chen, S; Lai, KN; Yuen, MF; Wang, Y; Maini, MK; Li, C; Li, M; Wang, J; Zhang, X; Sham, PC; Wang, J; Gao, ZL; Wang, Y2012145
Chronic hepatitis B: Whom to treat and for how long? Propositions, challenges, and future directionsAhn, SH; Chan, HLY; Chen, PJ; Cheng, J; Goenka, MK; Hou, J; Lim, SG; Omata, M; Piratvisuth, T; Xie, Q; Yim, HJ; Yuen, MF2010207
Arsenic trioxide for non-acute promyelocytic leukemia hematological malignancies: a new frontier.Zhou, L; Hou, J; Chan, GCF; Sze, DMY2009290
Prolonged efficacy and safety of 3 years of continuous telbivudine treatment in pooled data from globe and 015 studies in chronic hepatitis B patientsHsu, CW; Chen, YC; Liaw, YF; Gane, E; Manns, M; Zeuzem, S; Wang, Y; Lai, CL; Hou, J; Leung, N; Bzowej, N; Niu, J; Jia, J; Hwang, SG; Cakaloglu, Y; Ren, H; Papatheodoridis, G; Chen, Y; Bao, W; Lopez, P2009322
Thymosin-α1 and famciclovir combination therapy activates T-cell response in patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection in immune-tolerant phaseLau, GKK; Nanji, A; Hou, J; Fong, DYT; Au, WS; Yuen, ST; Lin, M; Kung, HF; Lam, SK200285
Lie detection by functional magnetic resonance imagingLee, TMC; Liu, HL; Tan, LH; Chan, CCH; Mahankali, S; Feng, CM; Hou, J; Fox, PT; Gao, JH2002163
Neural correlates of response inhibition for behavioral regulation in humans assessed by functional magnetic resonance imagingLee, TMC; Liu, HL; Feng, CM; Hou, J; Mahankali, S; Fox, PT; Gao, JH200190
A case-controlled study on the use of HBsAg-positive donors for allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantationLau, GKK; Lie, AKW; Kwong, YL; Lee, CK; Hou, J; Lau, YL; Lim, WL; Liang, R2000116
Clearance of persistent hepatitis B virus infection in chinese bone marrow transplant recipients whose donors were anti-hepatitis B core- and anti-hepatitis B surface antibody-positiveLau, GKK; Liang, R; Lee, CK; Yuen, ST; Hou, J; Lim, WL; Williams, R199878
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