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Whole-genome sequencing and comprehensive molecular profiling identify new driver mutations in gastric cancer
Nature Genetics
Wang, K; Yuen, ST; Xu, J; LEE, SP; Yan, HHN; Shi, ST; Siu, HC; Deng, S; Deng, S; Chu, KM; Law, SYK; CHAN, KH; Chan, ASY; Tsui, WY; Ho, RSL; Chan, KW; Man, JLK; Foglizzo, V; Ng, MK; Chan, AS; Ching, YP; Cheng, HWG; Xie, T; Fernandez, J; Li, VS; Clevers, H; Rejto, PA; Mao, M; Leung, SY201430
Endometriosis-associated serous borderline tumor and endometrial stromal sarcoma of the Ovary: A report of a rare lesion in an infant
International Journal of Gynecological Pathology
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. The Journal's web site is located at
Ho, RSL; Chan, GCF; Ha, SY; Ip, PPC2012594
Exome sequencing identifies frequent mutation of ARID1A in molecular subtypes of gastric cancer
Translation of the Cancer Genome: Scientific, Clinical, and Operational Challenges
American Association for Cancer Research.
Wang, K; Tsui, WY; Lee, SP; Ho, RSL; Chan, AKW; Cheng, GHW; Roberts, PC; Rejto, PA; Gibson, NW; Kan, J; Pocalyko, DJ; Mao, M; Xu, J; Leung, SY; Yuen, ST; Shi, ST; Chu, KM; Law, SYK; Chan, TL; Kan, Z; Chan, ASY2011122
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