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Effects of fluorine plasma and ammonia annealing on pentacene thin-film transistor with HfTiO as gate dielectricHan, C; Leung, CH; Lai, PT; Tang, WM; Che, CM201334
Tyrosine kinase Btk is required for NK cell activationBao, Y; Zheng, J; Han, C; Jin, J; Han, H; Liu, Y; Lau, YL; Tu, W; Cao, X2012143
Late Ordovician to early Devonian adakites and Nb-enriched basalts in the Liuyuan area, Beishan, NW China: Implications for early Paleozoic slab-melting and crustal growth in the southern AltaidsMao, Q; Xiao, W; Fang, T; Wang, J; Han, C; Sun, M; Yuan, C2012155
Effects of fluorine plasma and ammonia annealing on pentacene thin -film transistor with ZrLaOx as gate dielectricHan, C; Lai, PT; Leung, CH; Che, CM201228
SOAPdenovo2: an empirically improved memory-efficient short-read de novo assemblerLuo, R; Liu, B; Xie, Y; Li, Z; Huang, W; Yuan, J; He, G; Chen, Y; Pan, Q; Liu, Y; Tang, J; Wu, G; Zhang, H; Shi, Y; Liu, Y; Yu, C; Wang, B; Lu, Y; Han, C; Cheung, DWL; Yiu, SM; Peng, S; Zhu, X; Liu, G; Liao, X; Li, Y; Yang, H; Wang, J; Lam, TW; Wang, J201248
Kinematics and age constraints of deformation in a Late Carboniferous accretionary complex in Western Junggar, NW ChinaZhang, J; Xiao, W; Han, C; Ao, S; Yuan, C; Sun, M; Geng, H; Zhao, G; Guo, Q; Ma, C20111,254
The study of Early-Paleozoic peraluminous granite (SP) and its tectonic significance in the Xingxingxia suture zone, eastern Tianshan Mountains, Xinjiang, northwest ChinaMao, Q; Xiao, W; Han, C; Fang, T; Sun, M; Yuan, C2010105
Highly suppressing wild-type HIV-1 and Y181C mutant HIV-1 strains by 10-chloromethyl-11-demethyl-12-oxo-calanolide A with druggable profileXue, H; Lu, X; Zheng, P; Liu, L; Han, C; Hu, J; Liu, Z; Ma, T; Li, Y; Wang, L; Chen, Z; Liu, G2010137
Transitions among Mariana-, Japan-, Cordillera- and Alaska-type arc systems and their final juxtapositions leading to accretionary and collisional orogenesisXiao, W; Han, C; Yuan, C; Sun, M; Zhao, G; Shan, Y2010123
In-situ U-Pb, Hf and Re-Os isotopic analyses of the Xiangshan Ni-Cu-Co deposit in Eastern Tianshan (Xinjiang), Central Asia Orogenic Belt: Constraints on the timing and genesis of the mineralizationHan, C; Xiao, W; Zhao, G; Ao, S; Zhang, J; Qu, W; Du, A2010137
A Re-Os study of molybdenites from the Lanjiagou Mo deposit of North China Craton and its geological significanceHan, C; Xiao, W; Zhao, G; Sun, M; Qu, W; Du, A200988
Middle Cambrian to Permian subduction-related accretionary orogenesis of Northern Xinjiang, NW China: Implications for the tectonic evolution of central AsiaXiao, W; Han, C; Yuan, C; Sun, M; Lin, S; Chen, H; Li, Z; Li, J; Sun, S2008125
Chemical library and structure-activity relationships of 11-demethyl-12-oxo calanolide A analogues as anti-HIV-1 agentsMa, T; Liu, L; Xue, H; Li, L; Han, C; Wang, L; Chen, Z; Liu, G200876
Re-Os dating of the Kalatongke Cu-Ni deposit, Altay Shan, NW China, and resulting geodynamic implicationsHan, C; Xiao, W; Zhao, G; Qu, W; Du, A200793
Zircon U-Pb ages of granitic gneisses and intrusions in the Central Terrane of the Chinese Altai Orogen and tectonic implicationsSun, M; Yuan, C; Xiao, W; Long, X; Xia, X; Han, C; Lin, S2006102
Paleozoic multiple accretionary orogenesis of North Xinjiang and lateral accretion of the central Asia continentXiao, W; Han, C; Qin, K; Yuan, C; Sun, M; Chen, H; Li, J; Sun, S2006101
Geological characteristics and genesis of the Tuwu porphyry copper deposit, Hami, Xinjiang, Central AsiaHan, C; Xiao, W; Zhao, G; Mao, J; Yang, J; Wang, Z; Yan, Z; Mao, Q20061,660
Major types, characteristics and geodynamic mechanism of Upper Paleozoic copper deposits in northern Xinjiang, northwestern ChinaHan, C; Xiao, W; Zhao, G; Mao, J; Li, S; Yan, Z; Mao, Q2006107
Granitic gneisses and gneissic granites from the Central Terrane of the Chinese Altai Orogen: zircon ages and tectonic significanceSun, M; Yuan, C; Xiao, W; Long, X; Xia, X; Han, C; Lin, S2006108
Major types and characteristics of Late Paleozoic Ore Deposits, East Tianshan, Northwest ChinaHan, C; Zhao, G2003119
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