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Is HbA2 level a reliable diagnostic measurement for β-thalassemia trait in people with iron deficiency?Verhovsek, M; So, JCC; O'Shea, T; Gibney, GT; Ma, ESK; Steinberg, MH; Chui, DHK2012153
A 3-bp deletion in the HBS1L-MYB intergenic region on chromosome 6q23 is associated with HbF expressionFarrell, JJ; Sherva, RM; Chen, ZY; Luo, HY; Chu, BF; Ha, SY; Li, CK; Lee, ACW; Li, RCH; Li, CK; Yuen, HL; So, JCC; Ma, ESK; Chan, LC; Chan, V; Sebastiani, P; Farrer, LA; Baldwin, CT; Steinberg, MH; Chui, DHK2011182
Hb A2 Hong Kong - A novel δ-globin variant in a chinese family masks the diagnosis of β-thalassemia traitSo, CC; Chan, AYY; Luo, HY; Verhovsek, M; Chui, DHK; Ling, SC; Chan, LC2011191
Sickle cell disease caused by heterozygosity for Hb S and novel LCR deletion: Report of two patientsKoenig, SC; Becirevic, E; Hellberg, MSC; Li, MY; So, JCC; Hankins, JS; Ware, RE; Mcmahon, L; Steinberg, MH; Luo, HY; Chui, DHK2009116
BCL11A is a major HbF quantitative trait locus in three different populations with β-hemoglobinopathiesSedgewick, AE; Timofeev, N; Sebastiani, P; So, JCC; Ma, ESK; Chan, LC; Fucharoen, G; Fucharoen, S; Barbosa, CG; Vardarajan, BN; Farrer, LA; Baldwin, CT; Steinberg, MH; Chui, DHK2008115
Variation and heritability of Hb F and F-cells among β-thalassemia heterozygotes in Hong KongGibney, GT; Panhuysen, CIM; So, JCC; Ma, ESK; Shau, YH; Chi, KL; Lee, ACW; Chi, KL; Hui, LY; Yu, LL; Johnson, DM; Farrell, JJ; Bisbee, AB; Farrer, LA; Steinberg, MH; Li, CC; Chui, DHK2008155
Diagnostic pitfall in PCR-based α-thalassemia genotyping resulting from a (G→C) polymorphism at nucleotide 71 3′ to the α2-globin gene termination codon [2]Chan, AYY; Luo, HY; Wang, W; Chui, DHK; Ma, ESK; Chan, LC; Chong, SS200662
Simple non-invasive prenatal detection of Hb Bart's disease by analysis of fetal erythrocytes in maternal bloodLau, ET; Kwok, YK; Luo, HY; Leung, KY; Lee, CP; Lam, YH; Chui, DHK; Tang, MHY200570
Prenatal detection of Hb Barts Disease in Maternal BloodLau, ET; Kwok, YK; Chui, DHK; Luo, HY; Leung, KY; Lee, CP; Lam, YH; Tang, MHY200439
MS analysis of single-nucleotide differences in circulating nucleic acids: Application to noninvasive prenatal diagnosisDing, C; Chiu, RWK; Lau, TK; Leung, TN; Chan, LC; Chan, AYY; Charoenkwan, P; Ng, ISL; Law, HY; Ma, ESK; Xu, X; Wanapirak, C; Sanguansermsri, T; Liao, C; Tan Jin Ai, MA; Chui, DHK; Cantor, CR; Lo, YMD2004232
Hemoglobin H disease: Not necessarily a benign disorderChui, DHK; Fucharoen, S; Chan, V2003108
Single-tube multiplex-PCR screen for anti-3.7 and anti-4.2 α-globin gene triplicationsWang, W; Ma, ESK; Chan, AYY; Prior, J; Erber, WN; Chan, LC; Chui, DHK; Chong, SS200369
Routine screening of (--SEA) α-thalassemia deletion by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for embryonic ζ-globin chainsMa, SK; Ma, V; Chan, AYY; Chan, LC; Chui, DHK2002110
Haemoglobin Q-Thailand and hereditary spherocytosis in a chinese familyLeung, KFS; Au, WY; Chan, AYY; Chan, LC; Waye, JS; Chui, DHK; Ma, SK2001120
Embryonic and fetal globins are expressed in adult erythroid progenitor cells and in erythroid cell culturesLau, ET; Kwok, YK; Chui, DHK; Wong, HS; Luo, HY; Tang, MHY200166
Should we screen for globin gene mutations in blood samples with mean corpuscular volume (MCV) greater than 80 fL in areas with a high prevalence of thalassaemia?Chan, LC; Ma, SK; Chan, AYY; Ha, SY; Waye, JS; Lau, YL; Chui, DHK2001311
Compound heterozygosity for triplicated α-globin gene and (- -(SEA)) α-globin gene deletion: Implication for thalassaemia screening [5]Ma, SK; Chan, AYY; Chan, LC; Chui, DHK; Waye, JS200061
β-Thalassemia intermedia caused by compound heterozygosity for Hb Malay (β codon 19 AAC→AGC; Asn→Ser) and codons 41/42 (-CTTT) β0-thalassemia mutationMa, SK; Chow, EYD; Chan, AYY; Kung, NNS; Waye, JS; Chan, LC; Chui, DHK2000180
Genotype-phenotype correlation of b-thalassemia patients in Hong KongMa, ESK; Ha, SY; Chan, AYY; Chan, GCF; Chan, LC; Chui, DHK199997
Prevalence and genotypes of α- and β-thalassemia carriers in Hong Kong - Implications for population screeningLau, YL; Chan, LC; Chan, YYA; Ha, SY; Yeung, CY; Waye, JS; Chui, DHK1997703
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