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Growth, immortalization, and differentiation potential of normal adult human proximal tubule cellsOrosz, DE; Woost, PG; Kolb, RJ; Finesilver, MB; Jin, W; Frisa, PS; Choo, CK; Yau, CF; Chan, KW; Resnick, MI; Douglas, JG; Edwards, JC; Jacobberger, JW; Hopfer, U2004209
Androgen induces differentiation of a human papillomavirus 16 E6/E7 immortalized prostate epithelial cell lineLing, MT; Chan, KW; Choo, CK200189
Retrovirus-mediated delivery of HPV16 E7 antisense RNA inhibited tumorigenicity of CaSki cellsChoo, CK; Ling, MT; Suen, CKM; Chan, KW; Kwong, YL200088
Oligospermic infertility associated with an androgen receptor mutation that disrupts interdomain and coactivator (TIF2) interactionsGhadessy, FJ; Lim, J; Abdullah, AA; Panet-Raymond, V; Choo, CK; Lumbroso, R; Tut, TG; Gottlieh, B; Pinsky, L; Trifiro, MA; Yong, EL1999307
Immortalization of human prostate epithelial cells by HPV 16 E6/E7 open reading framesChoo, CK; Ling, MT; Chan, KW; Tsao, SW; Zheng, Z; Zhang, D; Chan, LC; Wong, YC1999118
Genetic linkage study of family members of a patient with adult polycystic kidney diseaseYau, CFF; Choo, CK; Chan, DTM; Cheng, IKP; Chan, KW1999227
Mantle cell lymphoma in the Chinese: Clinicopathological features and treatment outcomeChim, CS; Chan, ACL; Choo, CK; Kwong, YL; Lie, AKW; Liang, R1998110
Differential higher expression of VEGF-receptor FLT-1 but not VEGF is present in hepatocellular carcinoma (abstract)Ng, IOL; Lee, MF; Fan, ST; Choo, CK; Ng, M199863
BRCA-1 mutations in Chinese ovarian cancer patientsKhoo, US; Liang, ACT; Cheung, ANY; Choo, CK; Ngan, HYS199763
Induction of apoptosis by drugs in HepG2 cell lineNg, IOL; Qin, L; Choo, CK1997214
Albumin-messenger RNA positive cells are not a specific marker of circulating hepatocellular carcinoma cellsNg, IOL; Choo, CK; Lee, MF; Fan, ST199775
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